Situated in the charming  town of Bernalda, the birthplace of Francis’s grandfather Agostino Coppola, the authentic 19th century palazzo has been com- pletely renovated in part- nership with acclaimed French designer Jacques Grange. The Palazzo offers a luxurious yet authentic Italian experience where guests can enjoy palatial comfort just steps from an exciting town in which the visitor will feel like a friend or neighbor rather than a tourist.

“I never initially dreamed of opening a resort in Italy, let alone in the town  of my grandfather Agostino Coppola,” said Francis Ford Coppola. “Yet when I pur- chased and designed the now Palazzo Margherita for friends and family to call home in Italy, I knew I needed to extend the property and surrounding village of ‘Bernalda bella’ to my guests as well.”

First built in 1892, the block-long palazzo em- bodies Italian elegance. The interior is styled with tiled floors and hand- painted fresco ceilings with a taste of Moroccan and Baroque flair. With some of the furniture and exotic tiles personally de- signed by Grange, all of the floors have been restored from the original marble with additional craftsman- ship provided by painters and artisans in the region. The rooms are sequestered around an inner courtyard that opens onto a hidden world of private gardens and a secluded swimming pool.

The intimate resort has seven large suites and two garden rooms. Each is a work of art with fresco ceil- ings and features a palatial bathroom and amenities including luxurious linens, fresh flowers and state-of- the-art technology. Many of the rooms feature a large terrace and/or a Ju- liette Balcony and face the charming gardens within the Palazzo walls.

In keeping with Francis’s desire to create an en- vironment his children would want to continually return to, the entire family collaborated with Grange in contributing personal details to individual rooms, adding to the special at- mosphere of visiting a private home.

Dining at Palazzo Margherita is also a unique experience, inspired by the regional Italian cuisine and prepared by chefs versed in the traditions of home cooking. Whether enjoy- ing hand-made pastas, lo- cal game, fish from nearby coasts or local breads and cheeses, every meal will be an authentic and sublime expression of the culinary styles of  the  neighbor- ing towns and territories.  Guests may dine wherever  they choose – a romantic setting in the gardens; a table in the lively Cinecittà Bar; private ser- vice in one’s suite; or at the farm- house table in the kitchen itself, which was specifically designed to a-llow guests to enjoy, observe and even participate in the pri- vate – house cooking of Southern Italy. Accompanying the fare will be historic wines of the region including those made from the fragrant Aglianico grape.

The interior gardens feature lush, semi-tropical plantings, a mag- nificent fountain and a private swimming pool where guests can be served meals and drinks throughout the day. For added relaxation, luxury spa services are available to guests in their suites. In the evenings, the Palazzo’s sa- lon becomes a private screening theater where guests can enjoy one of Francis’s personally-cura- ted collection of 300 classic Italian films and documentaries. Along with exploring the quaint Italian town  of Bernalda  which surrounds the Palazzo, guests can venture into the historic province of Matera where sight-seeing ad- ventures include visits to ancient cave dwellings, historic houses and museums. Guests can also experience local restaurants and wineries of the region. Pristine white sand beaches of the Medi- terranean are just a quick trip and offer quiet seclusion or beach- club   action,   including   water- sports and shoreside tavernas.

Guests may fly into Bari Airport, located one hour and twenty minutes from the property, or Brindisi Airport, located one hour and thirty minutes from the property. Bari Airport has connections to several airports in Italy and throughout Europe. Private transports are available upon request.



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