Grupo Vidanta is Changing the Face of Luxury Tourism

Grupo Vidanta

On the western shore of Mexico, you’ll find a paradise on the Pacific—the resort town of Nuevo Vallarta, where Grupo Vidanta is headquartered. As the preeminent full-service tourism developer in Latin America focusing on luxury entertainment and destination resorts, Grupo Vidanta offers an unparalleled experience in luxury vacationing. Their flagship destination, Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta, reflects everything Grupo Vidanta does: extravagant, timeless and unforgettable. In almost 45 years, the company has become an unstoppable powerhouse in the travel industry.

One man’s dream

Established in 1974, founder Daniel Chávez Morán started what would become Grupo Vidanta with one small hotel in Mazatlán, Mexico. Known as Paraíso Mazatlán, Chávez Morán and his team provided guests with warm service and unforgettable stays.

Today, the company employs more than 17,000 people and is ranked in the Top 10 list of Great Places to Work in Mexico. Every year they receive hundreds of thousands of holiday-goers for dream vacations at their seven destinations. Vidanta Resorts offers everything a traveler could want from gorgeous suites and villas to getaways with entertainment that the entire family will enjoy. Everything that Grupo Vidanta creates is as unique as the resorts it operates.

An ever-evolving company

Chávez Morán’s vision for Grupo Vidanta is the main reason the company is a leader in the tourism sector. He began with a small hotel and grew it into an international brand that boasted $750 million in revenue in 2015. Grupo Vidanta owns and operates over 30 hotels and resorts along Mexico’s most coveted coastlines in seven destinations, with more under development. The destinations and resort hotels are luxurious locales where travelers can get a taste of Mexican service and AAA Five Diamond resorts. However, it isn’t just the spectacular resort hotels like Grand Luxxe and The Grand Mayan that please guests—dining, entertainment and a first-class staff waiting with hand over heart to attend your every whim put Vidanta Resorts in a rare category of must-visit destinations.

Grupo Vidanta

Grupo Vidanta Executive Vice President Iván Chávez and his leadership group know that travel and resorts are an evolving industry. Chávez’s team has worked diligently to redefine the essence of what a luxury vacation is or should be. To do this, everything Grupo Vidanta creates is of the highest quality—not just accommodations but immersive experiences, where local adventures meet five-star service in a magical world for the entire family

Another way that Grupo Vidanta has set itself apart is through their emphasis on world-class entertainment, not just for guests but for entire tourist destinations. Their second largest destination, Vidanta Riviera Maya, is home to JOYÀ, Latin America’s first resident Cirque du Soleil show. Also under development is a series of immersive theme parks at Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta in collaboration with Cirque du Soleil.

Partnerships paving the future

Never standing still and always challenging themselves, Grupo Vidanta has grown stronger year after year and continued to partner with world-class organizations to increase the offering. Housing the first resident Cirque du Soleil show in Latin America was just one of the many ways the company has pushed the boundaries. Grupo Vidanta has also partnered with the leading names in golf in order to bring some of the world’s best coursed designed by legends like Greg Norman and Jack Nicklaus to Mexico. Thanks to these gorgeous courses, the country is now known as a premier international golf destination.

In April 2016, Grupo Vidanta continued to push the boundaries of luxury holidays when they signed a $150m partnership with the Hakkasan Group, a global hospitality brand focused on restaurants and nightlife. Hakkasan Group and Grupo Vidanta decided to realize their first series of collaborations at Vidanta Los Cabos.

Grupo Vidanta

Chávez’s desire is to continue forging partnerships with companies to bring experiences unlike anything that currently exists to Mexico. When the recently transformed Vidanta Los Cabos resort reopened in February of 2018, the entertainment provided during the grand opening raised the bar of what a luxury experience should be to a whole new level. The opening weekend featured Grammy-winning DJ Calvin Harris and famed American house music performer Steve Aoki playing sets throughout the celebration as guests enjoyed the new concepts OMNIA Dayclub, Herringbone, SHOREbar and Casa Calavera.

Giving back to the region

Grupo Vidanta’s mission is to create the extraordinary and inspire generations of happiness. With a focus much larger than just on guests, the company finds many ways to give back to Latin America. While removed from the day to day of Grupo Vidanta, Chávez Morán has dedicated himself to philanthropy and giving back to the community.

In 2005, Chávez Morán created the Vidanta Foundation to promote the social sciences and cultures of Latin America. Chávez Morán also helped to create the Delia Morán Vidanta Foundation to promote learning and development for underprivileged children in the region of Nayarit. As recognition of his long-standing role in the philanthropic community, Chávez Morán received the Distinguished Leadership Award for Civic Engagement in the Americas from Inter-American Dialogue in 2015Not only have Grupo Vidanta’s philanthropic organizations been invaluable to local people, but also so have the resorts; the company is proud to provide 17,000 jobs in communities throughout Mexico.

Every year, Grupo Vidanta continues to evolve and innovate. The company has plans to create additional resort destinations, entertainment offerings and so much more.  This is a company worth following.

Grupo Vidanta





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