Hal Feinberg. Co-Creator of Clear Sky Resorts

Whether you’re hoping for a trip packed with thrilling activities or a place to relax and rejuvenate, the outdoor activities provided by Clear Sky Resorts are unlike anything else you’ll ever do near the Grand Canyon. The iconic Sky Domes will help you take a break from your regular routine and allow you to treat yourself to a vacation that is anything from ordinary with experiences that encompass some of the best stargazing in the world, breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, panoramic vistas of mountain ranges set against a high desert backdrop.

The Co-Creator of Clear Sky Resorts sat down with us to talk about his iconic resort and its beautifully decorated and themed Sky Domes. Hal Feinberg informs his potential customers that they’ll never be forced to worry about things like getting their tent or sleeping bag smeared since his resort will help them experience the authentic backpacking adventure inside a very personal dome that puts them in touch with nature.

While COVID-19 hampered the tourism industry throughout the globe, Hal explains to us how they were surprisingly able to leverage the pandemic’s restrictions and boost their resort into business because of sparsely placed Sky Dome pods. During the later part of our conversation, the resort co-owner tells us how tennis became the source of his travel craze and consequently drove him to place those unique Domes overlooking the Canyon.

Finally, while talking about his daily life and personal preferences, he shares how he spends his day and what drives him. It’s safe to say that he’s completely fixated on giving his customers the perfect Arizona outpost that serves an ideal base for them to observe the state’s natural beauty without sacrificing any of the conveniences of home. Hal was successfully able to convince us that booking a place at Clear Sky and spending the night in one of their beautifully decorated and themed Sky Domes is a certain way to enjoy a memorable experience close to Grand Canyon National Park. We’re sure his words will move you to dial those booking numbers at the end too!

Hal, Clear Sky Resorts claims to provide customers with a one-of-a-kind experience. How does the company do this?

Yes, our goal is to provide guests with a jaw dropping experience from the moment they arrive at the resort. Not only does it become clear to the guests when they arrive that we offer a wide variety of fun and unique activities but guests start their experience at the resort by entering our amazing Welcome Dome lobby. It is here that they are usually in awe of the 800+ sq/ft panoramic view window and can enjoy one of our oversized swinging chairs. We then will have one our concierges shuttle them to their amazing and unique Sky Dome, which all include air conditioning, upscale linens, unique furniture, a large panoramic window, skylight with telescope for stargazing, and a modern bathroom with rain shower.

Clear Sky Resorts

With so many people looking for trips to get them closer to nature these days, how does Clear Sky Resorts improve the vacation experience for individuals looking to get away?

It is very important for us to provide guests with the ability to experience nature but with the comforts of home, and ideally in a unique way. With our Sky Domes guests are able to experience nature at its best and see the amazing sunsets/sunrises and the epic stargazing either from the inside of their dome, or by just opening the door to the outside.

Can you tell us about the Sky Domes? What is their appeal to travelers?

Our Sky Domes are something most travelers have never experienced before. Not only do they all have Air Conditioning and Heat and a very nice bathroom, but they are also unique because the tall ceilings of the dome make them so open and with the large panoramic window and skylight it allows for great sunset/sunrise and stargazing experiences.

Welcome Dome

Welcome Dome

What amenities can travelers expect when staying at a Clear Sky Resorts Sky Dome?

We offer daily breakfast and dinner at our trendy food truck, nightly s’mores by one of our artisan fire pits, one of the country’s only Projection Domes for 360-degree movies, a huge bounce pillow, glow in the dark frisbee golf course, numerous yard games, volleyball court, playground, tryke tack, and on many nights stargazing tours, live music, and a kids corner activity with staff.

Why are so many people turning to glamping rather than traditional camping?

I believe people are wanting to have direct access to nature but would also like to do so in a comfortable way without having to worry about bringing anything but themselves.

Has the COVID-19 pandemic increased Clear Sky Resorts’ business? Are more people seeking a vacation away from other travelers and into nature?

We opened during Covid and we have found many people like the fact that they can enjoy a hotel/resort stay and at the same time be away from others if they choose too since all of our
domes are approximately 65 feet away from each other.

Hal, you played tennis at a high school, competitive level growing up. How did traveling across the USA playing tennis inspire your interest in travel and design?

Yes, I was lucky as a kid to have tennis afford me the ability to travel and see many places. Traveling for tennis gave me the travel bug and I have always been interested in experiencing unique places and designs while at these locations. Once I discovered Geodesic Domes I was hooked and new they could be a vehicle to provide an amazing and out of this world travel experience.

Since opening your site, what has been the response from visitors?

The response has been amazing, and we feel truly blessed. Beside the guests of course being amazed with the uniqueness of the domes, the other feedback we get a lot is how magical the stargazing and sunrise/sunsets are for people. I personally also love hearing guest say they had such a great time doing all the on-site activities.

Grand Canyon Dome

Grand Canyon Dome


Space Galaxy Dome

Space Galaxy Dome


British Secret Agent Dome

British Secret Agent Dome


80’s Game Room Dome

80’s Game Room Dome


Pink Dome

Pink Dome

Hal, how is a day in your life?

Clear Sky Resorts gets the creative juices flowing each and every day. I wouldn’t trade it and would do it for free as it is truly a fun and amazing obsessive passion.
The biggest reward is working with our amazing staff and seeing a traveler’s jaws drop or the smile on a travelers face when they walk into one of our domes for the first time.

Choose two of your favorite quotes and write them here

“Strive for perfection each day, and while none of us will ever get there, we can eventually reach excellence along the way.”
“At the end of the day all we have is pictures and memories”

If you had the power to change just one thing in the world, what would it be?

Unity, if people start remembering we are all here under one sky together and the sooner we learn to live in unity, the better and more fun the world will be.

To know more about Hal Feinberg and Clear Sky Resorts, please visit https://clearskyresorts.com

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