Hardge Global Technologies, LLC, “Black Box Technology” is set to takeover the Electric Vehicle Industry

Hardge Global Technologies, LLC, is thrilled to announce the release of its new Black Box Technology. HGT’s Black Box Tech, increases the mileage of an electric vehicle between charge and at the same time alleviates battery anxiety. Recent test results shows that HGT’s enhanced documented performance had a runtime of 22.6 hours, and performs 300 percent better than the current industry’s standards. Hardge states that his product’s technology offers a vast array of versatility in powering electric vehicles, (i.e. electric golf carts, electric bikes, electric wheel chairs, and other electric recreational vehicles,). Recently, tested by one of the world’s largest international test facilities, HGT’s Black Box Technology will minimize the need for consistent charging during extended travel. HGT is currently in discussions with some of the world’s most respected manufactures.

Chief Executive Officer Lawrence Hardge’s Black Box Technology not only will impact the energy and battery sectors it also help in advancement of the future of energy. When asked how he reached this stage in his career, Mr. Hardge shared that as a kid he was always interested in experimenting and tinkering with batteries, “I always had a passion for creating new products
and enhancing existing ones. To have a revolutionary product that is ready for production is amazing — Hardge Global Technology, LLC, is excited and blessed to play a vital role in the history and evolution of battery technology.”

Lawrence Hardge – Hardge Global Technologies – Office: 310-564-1301 – Fax: 310-564-1302

email: info@hardgeglobalusa.com – website: www.hardgeglobalusa.com



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