Hotel Wailea. Luxury in the Best Island

In Hawaii, there are several places where you can find all the tastes for each person. Even the hotels are quite luxurious and each one adapts to the different environments of the island. However, some are more prominent than others and the Wailea Hotel is currently recognized as the number one hotel in all of Hawaii. This hotel is Hawaii’s first and only member of the grand chain of luxurious Relais & Chateaux hotels.

The Wailea Hotel was recognized as number one and won the Reader’s Choice Awards in 2017. Wailea is also recognized as the most luxurious hotel in Hawaii and other parts of the world have 72 suites in an ultra-private environment whose doors overlook the sea. The rooms are quite spacious and luxurious and the people who have had the pleasure of being in one of them have felt very satisfied and comfortable with the services of the hotel.

The design of the hotel was thought exclusively for couples, the Wailea is pleased and specializes in providing its services and comforts for couples so that they can fulfill their needs with total luxury and pleasure. The experiences offered by the hotel reflect the comfort and enjoyment of the islands and embody the spirit of the sea and other luxuries.

The elegance and luxury of the hotel are based on a European design and had a renovation where they invested at least 15 million dollars. This renovation was done in 2015 and already the owners of the hotel claim that they have already recovered the money invested. The 72 oversized luxury rooms, the pool with luxurious cabins on the waterfront, and the apothecary-style pool bar make this hotel the ideal place for a coupleā€™s getaway. The privacy, exclusivity, and privacy offered by this hotel make it unique in Hawaii.

As far as food is concerned, the culinary art of this hotel is of the highest standard and its dishes vary constantly preparing always the typical Maui dishes. They even have their own organic garden from which they extract some ingredients to prepare the exotic dishes. The Wailea Hotel offers two ultra-exclusive private dining experiences: The Treehouse and Chef’s Kitchen.

This hotel has a lot of services for its exclusive guests, among the most popular are valet parking without additional charges, free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel, access to the pools and Fitness rooms, spa with multiple areas for total relaxation, Nespresso in the room and many other services of luxury and exclusivity that will make you feel very special even the most demanding guests.

Wailea offers 8 great ways to spend a day in your chambers; you can start by sunbathing in one of the cabanas by the pool and enjoying exclusive cocktails. You can take a tour around the hotel to know all the areas and attractions offered by eating fruits of the season, enjoying the South coast of Maui in a traditional Hawaiian canoe is a great attraction not to be missed. Another way to relax is by doing yoga outdoors in a specialized studio. You can also sail the coast in a replica of the 1957 Porsche Speedster with the Island Beach Safari or you can choose an improvised Bocce game. Another way to spend the day is the Wailea Beach, the guides will help you enjoy a day at the beach and lastly, there is the mixology class that is taught at The Cabanas, a poolside hall. All these luxuries and excellent services make the Wailea the best hotel in Hawaii.



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