How Can I Get Rid Of Cracks In The Corners Of My Lips?

Cracks in the corner of your lips can be painful, look bad, and feel rough. Many things can make them happen, from thirst to real health problems. Cracks in the corners of the lips hurt a lot and must be fixed immediately to help the lips heal. Read this blog post to feel better about yourself. It shows you ten different ways to repair cracks in the corners of your lips. These tips can help your lips stay healthy and smooth, even if they crack sometimes.

What Are Lip Corner Cracks?

Cracked mouth corners suggest that the corners of your mouth and lips are dry, sore, split, or chapped. There may also be cracks in the skin and hurt or bleeding parts of the mouth. In medicine, cracked corners of the mouth are called perlèche and angular cheilitis. It’s not usually a sign of something wrong when the edges of your mouth crack. It won’t hurt your health. The corners of your mouth may break when you’re sick with a cold, anemia, dehydrated, or not getting enough calories.

What Causes A Cracked Mouth Corner?

A cracked part of your mouth is often a tiny sign that you need to drink more water or have a cold. It could also be because of where you live or a habit like licking your lips.

External Factors That Lead To Cracked Mouth Corners

  • Cold weather.
  • Dry weather‎
  • Windy conditions.
  • UV damage

Other Common Reasons A Mouth Corner Might Break Are‎

  • Using lip balm or gloss could make someone allergic.‎
  • Anemia
  • Mouth breathing.
  • It’s a yeast issue.
  • Lip sores (caused by the herpes simplex virus”).
  • Simply cold.
  • Licking lips
  • Getting dehydrated
  • Vitamin Deficiency (D)

10 Natural Treatments For Lip Corner Cracks

Your lips can crack if you don’t drink enough water, eat poorly, or have health problems. Do these ten things to get rid of cracks in the corner of your lips:


When you have cracked parts of your mouth, you can use honey to fix them. Honey can also help reduce swelling. You should wait a short time after putting love in your mouth. Use cool water to get it off. It’s great to know that honey can help fight germs that can make you sick.‎

Olive Oil

Olive oil can help fix cracked mouth corners because it kills germs. It can help people with different kinds of skin problems and virus illnesses. By calming the skin and lowering redness, olive oil can assist you in keeping your skin soft, smooth, and healthy. Apply olive oil to the outside of your lips. Wait to use cold water after waiting one or two minutes.

Tea Tree Essential‎ Oil

As a virus and fungus killer, tea tree oil can help heal cracked corners of the lips. It works great to treat any skin problem. Tea tree oil can help with mouth pain. Put a few drops on the areas that hurt. After a while, wash it with water. Three to four times a day should eliminate the issue immediately.


Yogurt still has live germs that help heal dry, cracked, or chapped mouth corners. This could help your skin stay moist, healthy, and soft. Put some yogurt on your face and slowly rub it in so it can soak in. If yogurt makes your mouth crack because of germs, you shouldn’t eat it.

Aloe Vera Gel

Cracks on the sides of your lips can be fixed with aloe vera gel because it can help them heal. Breaks in the skin are repaired, and the skin stays soft and wet. It’s simple to fix. Apply aloe vera cream, massage it, and wash the area with cold water.‎

Castor Oil

It’s one of the best oils for broken corners of the mouth. This oil can help your skin that is dry or cracked. Plus, it might help you feel better. Another thing it can do is treat infections and stop them from getting worse because it is an antibiotic. Is this oil too thick for you? You can thin it out by adding essential oils. This makes them work better and get better faster.

Lemon And‎ Coconut Oil Mixture

Lemon has antioxidants that help heal dry, cracked lips and mouth corners. Getting rid of germs can also help the skin heal faster. But coconut oil can help the face heal because it kills germs. Mix the same amount of lemon juice and coconut oil in a bowl. Use the paste to fix the cracks in the corners, and then use water to wash it off.

Cucumber Slices‎

Cutting your lips with a cucumber can also cool them down and help the cracks heal. For a while, put cucumber slices in the area. Also, cucumber is the best natural way to clean your face.

Petroleum Jelly‎

If your mouth is cracked, petroleum jelly can help heal and make it feel better. Fresh petroleum jelly should be used to avoid getting sick. When you need it, put a small amount on the cracks in your mouth. Your mouth won’t get wet if you put petroleum jelly between your face and spit.


Your cracked lips won’t improve with this, but it will keep them from worsening. If you go to the doctor, people who are sick might tell you to use mouthwash to get better. Antibiotics and antifungals in these mouthwashes help ease pain and eliminate germs and yeast that cause illnesses.‎

Where Can I Keep My Lip Corners From Cracking?

You can avoid getting cracked lips by caring for your face and keeping it clean. Make sure the area around your mouth is wet and doesn’t hurt. After this, germs and yeast are less likely to grow there. Put lip balm on your lips and under your tongue to stop drooling.

Daily lip balm can also assist in keeping lips from getting dry and cracked. Also, keeping your mouth dry would be good. Having dry lips can make you spit out too much. Because of the way your mouth opens, angular cheilitis can happen. Talk to your doctor about crowns or fillers that can help.


Knowing what to do, you can quickly eliminate angular cheilitis or cracked mouth corners. Cheese and orange juice can help your body heal faster. Some foods may help cuts heal faster by making new skin cells.‎

The same goes for foods that are acidic or salty. These will help keep the area healthy and pain-free. If your lips are cracked, these natural treatments can help fix them. These medicines are made from natural ingredients and don’t hurt you. You now know how to fix the cracked corners of your lips.




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