Harrogate Bathrooms

Cultural influences, such as film and television have left us with the secret longing for large kitchens and beautiful, designer bathrooms. Few houses in the UK have such bathrooms, especially if they are older housing stock from the days when bathrooms were just squeezed in wherever the space could be lopped off a large bedroom or spacious landing. Modern houses tend to have the bathrooms built into the architectural plans, but this still does not mean that they are as large and fancy as could be hoped – so, how can you get the designer bathroom you desire?

Hire a Designer

Of course, the most effective way to get a designer bathroom is to call on a designer. Allow them and their team to come into you home, take their measurements and make their plans – and then present you with a beautiful designer bathroom of your very own, along with an eye-watering bill! It may be expensive, but it is otherwise a very effective way to get the bathroom you’ve been longing for.

Bathroom Showrooms

The middle ground is to go to bathroom showrooms and decide what you like from the plentiful examples on display. They often help you with the whole process, fitting the bathroom fittings into your unique bathroom: Harrogate Bathrooms provide designing options in their bathroom showroom in Leeds. This is a sensible and very effective way to get your dream bathroom, in the right colours, without breaking your budget.


The final way to design your bathroom is to do it yourself. This is the best method of achieving a designer bathroom from your budget’s point of view, but it can be a lengthy and time-consuming task, and relies on you having a decent amount of creativity to put together a vibrant bathroom that is practical and functional too. It is recommended to consult a plumber when it comes to installing a shower or any other fittings that require a water supply – the consequences of a poor job going wrong will be very expensive and potentially ruinous to your downstairs!

The middle ground is almost always the safest route to take, as is always trusting plumbing work to those who are trained such matters!




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