How to increase productivity at Home Office?

With the constant increase in remote work, the need to be more productive increases accordingly. This makes perfect sense considering that there will be no more time and stress commuting from home to work. And it’s not just about work, because we’re tempted to know how to increase productivity since with more time “leftover” we’ll have more time to perform other tasks.

Today we are going to talk about how to increase productivity at the home office. But first, let’s know a little more about what we can consider “being productive”. Check out:

What is being productive?

Being productive consists of knowing how to organize your time, and optimizing it in order to execute them in order of priority. Thus, the tasks will be done according to the delivery need, availability, and disposition. Being productive is not necessarily about doing a lot in a short time, as it also depends on the relevance of the tasks performed. In addition, being productive is more related to the established planning of activities, taking into account the time of each one and not just the order of priority.

When you do the above, we refer to productivity. And with the best planning, your production will improve.

And when the work is in a team?

We know that not all work depends only on one performer. Therefore, it is crucial that teamwork has planning stages and execution, and that everyone involved knows their role and pays attention to deadlines. Organize activities by urgency, we already know it’s essential, but another factor that can help organize them is visual. There are several management tools that can help in this process.

What cannot be lacking in any way in group work is communication, especially if it is a home office. Furthermore, it is not enough just for a person to be concerned with increasing productivity. Since everyone’s work depends on the other, when not everyone is aligned with productivity this can end up harming the work of colleagues.

Now that we’ve talked a little about production, productivity and teamwork, let’s go straight to the tips:

Tips on how to increase productivity:

  1. Write everything down!

It’s not because work is a home office, that you can do it whenever you want. It does give you greater freedom when executing it, but if you want to be productive it is ideal that you maintain a more serious routine. So write down everything you need to do and the delivery dates.

It is necessary to pay attention to the time required to complete each task when you are ordering by priority. Also, write down a time for you and your team to line up tasks in case your work is not independent. One of the tools we use to manage work and improve communication is Trello, but you can use whatever you prefer.

  1. Book an exclusive place to work

Some people may have the view that working from home is very peaceful, and that you can, for example, work lying on the couch. But it can end up hurting you. Being “too relaxed” can affect how you perform your tasks. Ideally, you have a space reserved for work, so when you are there your brain will already understand that it is time to work. It is good that the place is suitable for work, that is, comfortable and quiet.

Also have a desk for your work, a comfortable chair, and a door. That’s right, a door. It seems obvious and silly at the same time, but it is indispensable if you live with other people. Keeping the door closed can make it easier for the other residents of the house to understand that you are busy and that just because you are at home does not mean you can do other things for them “quickly”.

  1. Avoid distractions

How are we going to increase productivity at the home office if we keep our favorite distractions close by? It’s tempting, but ideally, you don’t check social media during work hours. Well, the famous “just a peek” can totally distract you from tasks, making you lose focus and time. And since you’re working from home, you can take some quick breaks for that.

But in general, while working, try not to keep your cell phone close by, let alone work with the television on while watching a program you like.

  1. Be disciplined!

Perhaps this is the most important tip on how to increase productivity at the home office. At home we can end up wanting more, not to mention that we have many distractions. So set your work schedule (if you have that flexibility) and take it seriously.

Discipline includes a little bit of all the tips above, working at the same time and place, writing down homework, and avoiding distractions. Keeping a routine helps ensure your productivity and avoid procrastination. In addition to working in the defined location, also choose comfortable clothes. But no pajamas so you don’t get too comfortable and forget to work. Keep your focus on tasks.


These were the most practical tips on how to increase productivity at home. But as a bonus, we brought you some tips for you to practice in your personal life, and that can help you produce better at work:

  • do physical exercises
  • Have a healthy diet
  • Have a good night of sleep





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