Hutton Electric, Heating & Air Offers Innovative Power Management Solution for Home EV Charging Stations

Hutton Electric, Heating & Air, a locally owned provider of home services in Norfolk and Virginia Beach is introducing an innovative application of power load management technology which helps electric vehicle owners charge their EVs reliably and safely while saving on charging station installation costs. The most common residential EV charging stations usually require homeowners to upgrade their home electric service panel. This pioneering energy management solution serves as an alternative to potentially costly service panel upgrades by connecting the EV charging station directly to a home’s existing electric panel.

What does Hutton Electric, Heating & Air do?

Hutton Electric, Heating & Air has more than 40 years of experience delivering reliable electrical, heating and air conditioning, and generator services. The company has built its reputation on honesty and integrity and is committed to ensuring customers are completely satisfied. This commitment is backed by Hutton Electric, Heating & Air’s 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Whether customers need interior lighting installation, heater or air conditioner repairs, or want to equip their homes with an automatic standby generator, the Hutton Electric, Heating & Air team is ready to get the job done.

Increasing Capacity

Hutton acknowledged that a full electric panel upgrade might be the right option if homeowners expect their home’s demand to continue increasing in the future. If homeowners plan to add on to their home or purchase another electric vehicle, it makes sense to increase capacity. However, many homeowners can benefit from more precise management of their home electric supply. With the Hutton Electric, Heating & Air solution, they can keep their EVs fully charged whenever they need them without investing in additional capacity they don’t need and won’t use.

Upgrading electric services with Hutton

The Hutton Electric, Heating & Air EV charging station power load solution allows homeowners to prevent overloads and outages by more efficiently managing their existing electrical capacity. David Hutton, electrical operations manager for Hutton Electric, Heating & Air said that many homeowners are surprised when they find out they need to upgrade their electric service panel in order to install an EV charging station. This can add thousands of dollars to the investment cost but with this unique solution they can manage their home power system more efficiently without having to invest additional money into increasing capacity unnecessarily.

Hutton’s EV system

The system includes an onboard intelligent micro-controller that monitors the panel’s power load and has a smart automated management function which prevents the connected EV charging station from overloading it and will automatically start again when there is available power supply once more. However, if someone expects future demand from their homes or plan on purchasing another electric vehicle then investing in increasing capacity might be beneficial for them too.




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