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In mid-February, Interactive Scape presented its first intelligent multi-touch display (Scape X) and the first transparent markers (Scape X Tags) to a broad audience of trade professionals. At the ISE in Amsterdam and the EuroShop in D√ľsseldorf, visitors to the trade fairs were able to get a first look at the future of object recognition. Many application examples invited visitors to touch and test them live.

Scape X is artificial intelligence-based data processing/recognition technology that uses conductive components to recognise entire hand movements and gestures as well as a variety of items and objects. Before this innovative leap forward, the only signals the sensors were able to recognise were individual ones made by fingers.

For Interactive Scape, this revolution formed only part of the process, however. With Scape X Tags, the company showcased another innovation that makes the detection of objects an almost invisible process. The Scape X Tags open up completely new interaction possibilities for multi-touch displays equipped with Scape X recognition modules. It is no longer the technology that takes centre stage, but the products.

Interactive Scape now offers industry solutions

The two trade fairs were not only the starting signal for Scape X and Scape X Tags, but for the entire Scape X product range, which is now available from Interactive Scape. In line with this development, the Berlin-based company now also offers¬†industry solutions. More specifically, this means that these industry solutions are specially developed to meet the needs of the respective industry in which they are to be implemented, and can be delivered as a “plug-and-play” solution or tailored individually to the customer.

Interactive Scape currently has three industry solutions in its web shop: 360¬į Retail Experience, Smart City Framework and Diamond X Bar, which can be used to make interactive customer experiences, visualisations of urbanisation projects and exciting product discussions a reality.

With the latest innovations Scape X and Scape X Tags, the Berlin-based company is expanding its core business and its pioneering role in object recognition at the human-machine interface, thereby making it the market leader in intelligent object recognition with AI. Interactive Scape uniquely combines the haptic experience of working together at the table with unlimited digital interaction possibilities. This enables an even better exchange between people, experienced in real time and digitally supported. This creates understandable and intuitive interaction possibilities.

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