Jewelry Technologist, Patrick Bennett, Leads Successful Consultants Ltd. USA Office

Patrick Bennett

US office opens for Successful Consultants Limited, with Patrick Bennett at the helm, supporting industry execs with innovation in a new 21st century jewelry era.

With over two decades of organizational leadership experience in luxury manufacturing, Patrick Bennett advises the world’s leading jewelry and design ateliers, combining maker expertise with business process integration. A Jewelry Technologist™, Bennett grows consumer brands, bringing new products to market with year over year exponential growth. Partnering with the renowned Hong Kong-based Successful Consultants Limited (SCL), Bennett is at the helm of SCL’s new USA headquarters, based out of New York.

Bennett says of the partnership, “I am really excited to lead the US office, it allows me to leverage my education in organizational leadership while sharing my deep industry knowledge to advise the here and now leaders who are changing the game forever.”

With value-add access to Bennett’s network and experience, companies partnering with Bennett get precise information to the right customers. As a leader at the forefront of technology and innovation, Patrick bridges the gap through executive mentorship. His in-depth business assessments, alongside his omnichannel approach to growth, inspires senior executives through the power of mindset and manufacturing transformation.

“Patrick has been a guiding light during these uncertain times for my business. His insight into the jewelry industry and expertise in systems and operations have empowered me to think bigger, develop more opportunities in all aspects of my brand, and in turn, focus back on what I love- the creative side. Patrick is an invaluable asset and advisor,” says Ashley Keeper, Founder & Designer at Keeper.

By dialing in to the needs of manufacturer, the end consumer, and the expectations of both, Patrick Bennett guides fine jewelry businesses through the post-pandemic market. Upgrading and expanding upon manufacturing facilities in the USA, Hong Kong, Thailand and India, Bennett is the industry go-to for operations strategy. His R&D process allows companies to stay ahead of the competition, and anticipate demand.

“The pandemic has changed consumer behaviors across the globe, understanding key routes in which digitalization creates transformational value across your consumer journey is the key to success. Having the right knowledge base to provide insight and make decisions can make or break a growing business. You must anticipate the risks in supply and demand, and then structure your actions to be agile and profitable,” says Patrick Bennett.

With sustainability and responsible sourcing at the forefront of the consumer agenda, Bennett works with founders and executives to provide actionable solutions to today’s environmentally and socially aware business landscape. By identifying operational and development value streams, Bennett organizes operational deliverables that matter to fine jewelry consumers.

For more information, visit Successful Consultants Limited online here, email or use the website’s contact form. For inquiries regarding this press release, contact Pietra Communications at or call 212-913-9761.

Driving brands to reconstruct and revolutionize product creation value streams. Patrick Bennett partners with businesses in the luxury and fine jewelry space. His vertically integrated approach applies collaboration across creative design, supply chain, engineering, manufacturing and innovation. With an eye for design, and the business acumen for tangible transformation, Bennett has advised and lead some of the largest and fastest growing global digital brands through the expansion and the development of large-scale facilities and product centric omni-channel solutions. A Jewelry Technologist™, Patrick Bennett brings growth and profitability to the bottom line.



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