Justin Sun. Founder and CEO of TRON. Beijing, CHINA

Justin Sun Founder and CEO of TRON

When many people hear the word TRON, they may think of the old arcade game or their minds may cast back to the 1980s cult classic film about computer programmers. However, Justin Sun’s TRON is far more sophisticated than anything from the 1982 film starring Jeff Bridges.

Sun has created a digital platform that enhances a myriad of entertainment options. Live shows, online casinos, mobile gaming and more are all enhanced through TRON. How does it work? Well, the program provides payment, development and more options for users. It is an innovative system that has led some to call Sun the ‘new Jack Ma’.

Sun’s TRON is being compared to China’s Alibaba e-commerce company, hence one of the reasons for Sun being grouped with the famous Ma. In China, TRON has already received the backing of numerous major players, and it has made Sun a popular figure in the e-commerce world. One of the reasons TRON is being so highly touted is due to its ability to accept and work with multiple virtual currencies. TRON could make global payments much easier, and companies around the world are highly interested in Sun’s brainchild.

Recently, Totalprestige Magazine spoke with Sun about TRON and its amazing capabilities.

Justin, can you please tell us what exactly is TRON, and what are its goals and objectives?

TRON protocol is the blockchain entertainment content ecosystem, in which TRX, TRON’s token, is circulated. It’s native economic system enables an unprecedented one-on-one interaction between providers of digital entertainment content and ordinary users.

Therefore, content providers will no longer need to pay high channel fees to centralized platforms like Google Play and Apple’s App Store. Also, providers of content such as texts, pictures, videos, and broadcasts, will break the curse of popularity, and hits cannot make profits. With the strengths of social network and value network, TRON is committed to ecological prosperity. In relation to any community and free market economy, an incentive system that fairly and reasonably reflects the contributions made by participants is fundamental.

TRON will attempt to accurately and transparently measure and motivate relevant participants and contributors using digital assets for the first time, thus enabling this content ecosystem with TRX.

Tron is a decentralized content protocol that aims to establish a global free content entertainment ecosystem through blockchain technology. It allows each user to freely publish, store, and own data. The content creators will be empowered through the free creation, circulation, and trading of digital assets under decentralized self-governance.

Can you let us know how TRON began and what some of the highlights have been?

In 2015, I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a Master’s Degree. I previously gained a Bachelor’s Degree at Peking University. I started a project called Peiwo, an app that is now one of the largest audio-based live show platforms in China, with over 10 million registered users and around 1 million monthly active users.

The Peiwo app will become the first TRON-compatible entertainment app and the first live show software in the world to support a ‘smart contract protocol’ of virtual currency, allowing those 10 million registered users to benefit from the additional functions of virtual currency.

This is only the first move of TRON. Next, we will provide the infrastructure construction for entertainment systems around the world, including online casino and games. Additionally, API access will be provided to facilitate robust settlement services. Our first move, though, is for TRON to make the Peiwo app benefit from its blockchain network.

What TRON provides is a shared platform for the whole entertainment market to maintain user information and share it between systems, and it is breaking down information barriers between apps.

It is explained that in this way users can significantly reduce information input efforts in specific apps, while developers can realize highly effective interactions in the realm of user identification, reducing duplicate identification costs, and preventing the risk of user information being stolen and leaked by intermediate agencies.

Justin, can you please let us know about yourself and how your career began?

I am 26-years-old and come from the Haidian District of Beijing. I’m originally from Shandong Province on the coast by the Bohai Sea. I first became part of the cryptocurrency community back in 2012 with my first purchases of bitcoin.

A year later, I joined Ripple and worked as the chief representative of Greater China. I helped Ripple with the successful completion of their first-round financing which totaled $30 million, and subsequently, it helped them become one of the world’s top three virtual currency systems.

For more information on TRON, please vist www.Tron.Network/en.html.



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