Karen Wohlsen. Founder, Director, and CEO of Two Streets Over

Karen Wohlsen

We discuss today with Karen Wohlsen. Karen is the Founder, Director, and CEO of Two Streets Over.

Karen, can you tell us about the inspiration and founding story behind Two Streets Over? What motivated you to start this organization?

At my core, I’m a proud mother of two incredible sons. There’s Luc, carving his own path in the legal world, and Max, with his entrepreneurial flair. Beyond the mom-son dynamics, Max and I share an unwavering enthusiasm for gift-giving – it’s almost our secret language. Those shared moments when spotting something original, and the mutual understanding of what makes a gift genuinely special.

For me, gifting isn’t just an act, it’s an emotion. The sheer joy of finding that perfect present, the anticipation of its unwrapping, and the priceless smile it elicits – there’s a magic to it. I’ve always relished the thought process that goes behind every gift, and how it becomes a vessel of happiness, gratitude, and appreciation. Two Streets Over helps gift givers save time and money searching, collecting, wrapping, and delivering gifts.

Amidst the seemingly endless businesses, most gift boxes felt like clones – generic and often filled with items that might never see daylight again. The real challenge? Finding something that resonated, something original, and full of thought. Two Streets Over isn’t just a response to the market’s genericness: it’s our letter to authentic gifting. We dreamt of an online haven where every curated gift box told a unique story. Our mission was clear: not just to add to the plethora of options but to offer gifts that radiate originality and thought.  Beyond the expected ‘Main Street’, our brand invites you to journey ‘Two Streets Over’ to discover genuine warmth and originality.

Beyond the charm and thoughtfulness, there’s an underlying tone of responsibility. In a world where uniqueness is sought but seldom found, we noticed an alarming amount of gifting waste. Whether it’s unnecessary packaging or misfit products, the ecological and emotional costs are high. We’re on a mission to minimise this, offering gifts that fit the individual’s taste and reducing the usual waste associated with mindless gifting.

Partnering with Max on this journey did more than just merge our shared vision; it wove our bond into the very fabric of our brand. Two Streets Over isn’t just a brand, it’s a bond—founded on family ties and shared dreams. Our combined strengths – Max’s fresh, edgy, innovative ideas and my style and time-tested wisdom – infused Two Streets Over with a warmth that’s reminiscent of buying from a trusted neighbour. Just Two Streets Over, of course.

What is the mission and vision of Two Streets Over, and how has it evolved since its inception?

From the onset, Two Streets Over was conceived with a mission to deliver original, valued gift experiences. We were not merely setting up another ecommerce platform; our vision was grander. We aimed to foster a community of givers, united in the quest to elevate gifting from a mere transaction to an experience imbued with thought, originality, and heart.

Taking a cue from our values:

At the heart of our mission lies a dedication to holistic wellness. We understand the profound impact of gratitude on mental and emotional well-being. So, we aim to provide a platform that encourages frequent expressions of appreciation and ensures that each “thank you” is conveyed with genuine care and mindfulness. In the heart of every ‘thank you’ lies a touch of wellness.

Just as treasures are often tucked away from the main streets, we delve deep to find interesting gifts to create original gifting experiences. We prioritise originality and utility, ensuring that every item in our gift box is a delightful surprise that the recipient will both cherish and use.

Our commitment goes beyond delivering physical items. It’s about evoking emotions, kindling memories, and cementing bonds. We aim to create a little more happiness everyday with smiles. If there’s a hiccup along the way, we address it with grace, and a relentless focus on customer satisfaction.

At Two Streets Over, it’s not just about individual efforts; it’s a collective pursuit. Our team, works in tandem, complementing each other’s strengths and venturing into the evolving gifting world. This unity amplifies our mission, making every gift from us a testimony of our combined passion and purpose.

At Two Streets Over, we’re not just about gifting; we’re about community. By partnering with local artisans and budding businesses, we provide them a platform to showcase their talent and products to a broader audience. Championing local artisans, we turn hidden talents into celebrated treasures. Through our collaborations, we aim to uplift and empower these small ventures, ensuring that their unique crafts get the recognition they deserve and helping them grow alongside us.

Our dedication to the craft is profound. Whether it’s curating the perfect gift box or ensuring seamless delivery, we approach each task with enthusiasm and dedication. The vibrant voices within our team catalyse innovation and keep our offerings fresh and engaging.

Every team member at Two Streets Over is empowered to bring their individual brilliance to the table. Our culture is one of celebrating achievements, encouraging creativity, and acknowledging the distinct value each one adds.

In a world riddled with negativity, we pride ourselves on being that beacon of positivity, humour, and integrity. We’re not just another business; we’re a ‘happy’ team, constantly radiating positivity and authenticity.

As we navigate this unique journey, every turn is laden with warmth, creativity, and a touch of whimsy. We welcome everyone to join us in celebrating the magic that begins just Two Streets Over.

Could you describe the key initiatives or programs that Two Streets Over is currently involved in? How do they align with your organization’s goals?

At Two Streets Over, we’ve always believed that excellence lies in the details, and our initiatives reflect this ethos.

Central to our values is a firm commitment to uplifting local artisans. By focusing on sourcing from them, we not only champion their crafts but also ensure our gifts retain a unique, authentic flair. These are not the generic, run-of-the-mill items you’d find on Main Street; instead, they’re the hidden gems, those original creations that reflect genuine passion and artistry, found just Two Streets Over.

Customer satisfaction is paramount to us. The heart of our service isn’t just about selling a product but about creating an experience. From understanding individual gifting needs to ensuring the prompt resolution of queries, we’ve fostered a culture that prioritises our patrons at every turn.

While we deeply value the personal touch in gifting, we’re equally enthusiastic about harnessing the power of technology. We’re in the process of integrating advanced technological features into our platform to further streamline and enhance the user experience. This ensures that as the digital landscape evolves, Two Streets Over remains at the forefront, offering an interface that’s intuitive, secure, and user-friendly.

Understanding the emotional journey of our customers led us to introduce a novel feature. There are two people in the gifting process – the gift giver and the recipient, we like to celebrate both. Post-purchase, we photograph the final gift box and share it with the person who ordered it. This intimate touch ensures that the giver remains connected to the gifting process, visualising the recipient’s unboxing experience. It’s a small gesture, but one that has resonated deeply, allowing our customers to feel involved and cherished every step of the way. In the dance of gifting, there are two stars: the giver and the recipient; we ensure both shine bright.

Recognising the need for swift and reliable gift deliveries, we proudly offer same-day delivery seven days a week in Sydney metro. This initiative has been received with immense appreciation, especially in today’s fast-paced world where last-minute gifting needs are not uncommon. Bolstered by its success, we’re in the planning stages to extend this service to all major cities across Australia, ensuring that thoughtful gifting is never more than a few hours away.

Every initiative at Two Streets Over is thoughtfully designed to redefine gifting, marrying the traditional charm of handpicked items with the efficiency and innovation of modern-day technology.

What are the most significant challenges or obstacles your organization has faced, and how have you overcome them?

Venturing into the world of ecommerce, particularly within the saturated gifting market, was akin to stepping into a bustling marketplace. One where countless vendor vies for attention, each claiming the distinctiveness of their offerings. Herein lay our first and most significant challenge: distinguishing ourselves amidst the noise.

Many gifting platforms in today’s market cater to the rushed consumer, promising convenience but often neglecting the essence of what truly makes a gift special. These platforms, albeit efficient, inadvertently commodify the personal touch that should ideally accompany a heartfelt gift. In contrast, Two Streets Over’s vision is to be that breath of fresh air, focusing on the act of gifting and ensuring it is thoughtful and original.

Another significant hurdle is articulating our ‘why.’ With so many players in the field, it isn’t just stating that we are different, but about effectively communicating the nuances of our uniqueness. And more importantly, ensuring our target audience not only heard but felt that difference.

The metaphor of our brand name played a crucial role here. The mainstream, represented by the “Main Street,” is where you’d find the typical, the expected. But just a little way off, “Two Streets Over,” you’d discover the extraordinary, the heart-warming, the original. This metaphor became our guiding principle and our primary differentiator.

Max, with his fresh perspective and zest for innovation, is instrumental in ensuring our brand did not become another face in the crowd. His insights into contemporary consumer preferences meshed seamlessly with my years of experience, ensuring that our offerings were both novel and grounded. Together, we crafted a brand voice that is clear, confident, and compellingly authentic.

Tackling these challenges head-on, we’ve established Two Streets Over as more than just a business: it’s a testament to thoughtful gifting, a celebration of the unconventional, and above all, a fresh take on the age-old act of expressing love, gratitude, and camaraderie.

Can you share some of the notable achievements or milestones that Two Streets Over has reached since its establishment?

Our journey at Two Streets Over is marked by numerous achievements, each one more significant than the last, not just in terms of numbers but the value and impact we’ve been able to create.

One of our foundational successes has been assembling a team that mirrors our passion and ethos. Our team is more than just employees; they’re the heart and soul of our venture, and their commitment to our vision has been instrumental in our growth.

Benji, our business partner, has been a linchpin in our operations. With his extensive experience, passion, and unwavering commitment to driving excellence, he has provided insights and direction that have immensely enriched our brand.

Gifting isn’t merely about the product; it’s about the entire experience. Recognising this, we’ve developed a logistics system that isn’t just about delivering packages but delivering joy. 

One of our standout achievements has been the partnerships we’ve fostered with various corporate entities. These organisations have recognised the essence of what we offer. They believe in the power of thoughtful gifting, especially to employees and clients, and see the added value in supporting local artisans and sustainable practices. Together, we’ve conceptualised and executed gifting solutions that aren’t just tokens but heartfelt expressions of gratitude and appreciation.

At our core, we’re about people. Our unwavering commitment is to ensure the happiness, well-being, and joy of everyone who interacts with our brand. It’s not just about selling gifts; it’s about celebrating moments, making memories, and ensuring that every gift sent out is as original and special as the person receiving it.

While numbers aren’t the sole measure of success, they’re indicative of the resonance of our message. Within a short span of 7 months, we hit a significant milestone: delivering over 600 gifts per month. This rapid growth and acceptance were a testament to the value we were adding to our customers’ lives.

Our achievements at Two Streets Over aren’t mere markers of business growth but symbols of the countless smiles we’ve spread and the stories we’ve been privileged to be a part of.

As the CEO, what is your leadership philosophy, and how do you ensure that your team remains aligned with the organization’s mission and values?

At the core of my leadership philosophy is a profound reverence for human connection. Leadership isn’t about wielding authority or dictating terms; it’s about understanding people, discerning their passions, motivations, and dreams, and guiding them.  Leadership at Two Streets Over isn’t about one voice dominating; it’s about harmonising the symphony of voices that shape our vision.

Every individual has a purpose, a unique reason for being. My role isn’t to impose a path but rather to facilitate the discovery of that purpose. When an individual’s personal purpose aligns seamlessly with our organisation’s goals, that’s when magic occurs. It transforms mere tasks into passion projects, and the everyday job morphs into a heartfelt mission.

With Max and Benji by my side, we’ve always approached leadership as a partnership. Max’s vibrant energy, Benji’s unwavering commitment for operational excellence combined with my entrepreneurial experience, creates a balance where we listen, learn, and lead together. It’s not about one voice dominating but about harmonising the symphony of voices that make up Two Streets Over.

Encouraging personal growth and professional development is paramount. It’s vital that each member of our team feels they’re not just working for Two Streets Over but growing with it. This philosophy fosters an environment where individuals aren’t confined to job descriptions but are empowered to explore, innovate, and expand their horizons.

Empathy stands as a cornerstone in my leadership approach. It’s not just about hearing what someone says but delving deeper into understanding why they say it. By appreciating their motivations, intentions, and underlying emotions, I can better support, guide, and nurture their journey. Every conversation becomes an opportunity to connect, every challenge a chance to grow together, and every success a shared moment of celebration.

My leadership philosophy pivots on the belief that an organisation is not just a workplace; it’s a confluence of dreams, aspirations, and shared purposes. When individuals believe in the cause, belong to a nurturing community, and are empowered to be their authentic selves, what you get isn’t just a team; it’s a family, all journeying together towards a shared vision. And that, in essence, is the heart of Two Streets Over.

Sustainability and environmental responsibility are crucial topics today. How do Two Streets Over address these issues in its operations and initiatives?

Sustainability for Two Streets Over is more than just a buzzword; it’s a deep-rooted commitment that touches every facet of our business. It’s about understanding that our choices today shape the world of tomorrow, and we take this responsibility earnestly.

Central to our sustainability ethos is on reducing gifting waste. According to ‘World Clean Up Day’, 19% of gifts end up in the waste bin hence we have developed a “Create Your Own’ gift box offering so that gift givers can hand pick products they know the recipient will love. We also have a gift card option too to give the recipient control of what they buy for themselves.

We’ve made it our mission to ensure that each product we uncover has a sustainability focus. This means curating gifts that are produced responsibly and are environmentally friendly in both material and production methods. Our eco-friendly packaging is not just about using recyclable materials but also ensuring that the packaging process itself leaves the smallest carbon footprint possible.

Yet, our commitment doesn’t stop at products and packaging. We believe that sustainability should permeate every aspect of our operations. Whether it’s energy consumption in our offices or the digital platforms we use we continually assess and find ways to minimise our environmental impact.

Being aware of our footprint means understanding and acting upon our responsibilities at multiple levels – as a business entity, as individuals within the company, and as a cohesive team.

At Two Streets Over, sustainability isn’t an afterthought. It’s an integral part of our DNA, shaping our decisions and guiding our growth. We acknowledge that we’re not perfect, but we’re continually refining our processes and approach in our sustainability journey.

What are your long-term goals for Two Streets Over, and how do you plan to achieve them?

My ambitions for Two Streets Over stretch far beyond the borders of Australia. I envision a future where our brand resonates globally, synonymous with thoughtful, authentic, and sustainable gifting. While growth and global recognition are essential goals, it’s the depth of our impact that truly matters.

One of my primary long-term objectives is to be intricately intertwined with the communities we serve. As we scale, I want to ensure that our presence positively affects the locales and regions we operate in. It’s not just about bringing joy through gifting; it’s about uplifting and empowering communities, ensuring they prosper alongside us.

Our commitment to giving back is unwavering. We aim to align ourselves with organisations and initiatives that resonate with our core mission of spreading joy. Our intent is to support projects that brighten lives, bring smiles, and make a tangible difference to individuals and communities.

I understand that aspiring to become a global entity brings with it a responsibility to lead with purpose. I don’t just want us to be recognised as a global gifting business; I aim to be known as a business with a heartfelt global purpose, one that transcends commercial aspirations. I want our legacy to be about enriching lives, nurturing connections, and fostering an ethos of shared prosperity and well-being for all.

Can you speak to the role of innovation and technology in your organization’s work? How do you see it shaping the future of Two Streets Over?

At Two Streets Over, we believe that the confluence of tradition and technology holds the key to revolutionising the gifting experience. Our commitment to innovation is steadfast, and we constantly explore the frontiers of technological advancements to provide an unparalleled user experience.

One of our premier technological offerings is the implementation of AI to streamline and personalise gift suggestions. By harnessing data and understanding individual preferences, our platform is designed to offer curated and apt gift recommendations, making the choice easier and more meaningful for our customers. While we are continuously evolving, some exciting technological ventures we’re exploring include:

  • Virtual Reality (VR) Shopping Tours: Envision a world where our customers could embark on a virtual journey through our collections, immersing themselves in a 3D shopping realm, and attending virtual events that provide unique gifting insights.
  • Sustainability Transparency: We are ardent about our commitment to sustainability and local artisans. We aim to use technology to trace the origins of our offerings, weaving a narrative about their journey, underscoring our dedication to transparency and sustainable practices.
  • Interactive Gifting: From QR codes that lead to heart warming personalised video messages to tech-integrated packages that might light up or play a song upon unboxing, we’re committed to making every part of the gifting process memorable.
  • Feedback Optimisation: A pivotal part of growth is understanding our customers’ feedback. We’re employing AI not just for suggestions but to build a robust feedback mechanism, refining our offerings and enhancing the overall experience continuously.

At the core of all these innovations is our unwavering commitment to understanding our customers, ensuring they feel connected, valued, and delighted. While the horizon of technology is vast, our compass will always be oriented towards enhancing the human connection, understanding the sentiments behind every gift, and ensuring every interaction with Two Streets Over is both technologically advanced and deeply personal.

How do you measure the success and the impact of your programs or business?

For Two Streets Over, defining success stretches beyond the traditional confines of revenue figures and profit margins. While our financial achievements to date reflect our business acumen and market acceptance, they are one part of a multifaceted story.

Central to our understanding of success is the invaluable feedback we receive from our customers – both the gift giver and recipient. Every time we hear about how one of our curated gifts lighted up someone’s day, we know we’re on the right path. Such endorsements are not just validations but also heartfelt motivators that fuel our passion to excel further.

The heart of our brand lies in the collective efforts of our dedicated team. Our employees aren’t just workforce; they’re family. Celebrating their milestones, ensuring their professional growth, and maintaining a nurturing work environment where everyone feels valued and heard is integral to our vision of success.

As we thrive, our success spills over to the broader gifting community. By setting benchmarks in innovation and customer service, we want to play a pivotal role in elevating industry standards, both locally and globally. We want our growth to create ripples of opportunity for other gifting businesses, artisans, and craftspeople, championing mutual growth and shared prosperity.

At the very core of our business is a commitment to give back. As we prosper, we want to intensify our efforts to support communities, be it through collaborating with local artisans or aligning with organisations that resonate with our mission of spreading joy. Our measure of success also lies in the number of hands we’ve held, businesses we’ve bolstered, and lives we’ve touched positively.

When corporations choose to partner with us, it’s a testament to our shared vision of gifting that’s both thoughtful and inspired. Such alliances underscore our commitment to revolutionise corporate gifting, offering products that are unique, sustainable, and emotionally resonant.

In essence, our metric for success at Two Streets Over isn’t singular. It’s a symphony of delighted customers, happy employees, thriving communities, bolstered businesses, and transformative partnerships. It’s about stitching together countless stories of joy, inspiration, and shared achievements. Every smile we bring, every life we touch, and every positive change we drive in the gifting landscape are the true indicators of our success.

Karen, how is a day in your life?

Each day for me is a tapestry of rituals, responsibilities, and relationships, each element playing a significant role in making me who I am and keeping me driven towards our shared goals at Two Streets Over.

My day starts on an intentional note with my ’30 before 7′ ritual. A method established by Mel Robbins, author, and motivational speaker. Before the world fully awakens and the hustle of the day begins, I devote 30 minutes, before 7 am, to grounding myself. This ritual involves setting clear intentions and goals for the day, allowing me to reset my mindset and gear it towards “Make Things Happen” mode. This moment of solitude and clarity ensures that I embark on the day’s journey with purpose, energy, and focus.

I believe that feeling happy is a choice and every morning, I focus on every aspect of my life that brings me gratitude and joy.

By 7:30 am, you’ll often find me at the gym, an essential pit-stop that keeps my energy levels soaring. Fitness for me is not just about physical health; it’s also a mental booster, a space where I find clarity and strength. And the joy doubles on those special days when I train alongside my sons, Luc and Max. It’s more than just exercise; it’s bonding, sharing laughs, and building memories.

Once the clock inches towards the formal start of the day, my role as a leader takes centre stage. I am a hands-on leader who loves to understand what our customers are doing, how they engage with our business and find out what is working and what needs a different focus. I have hand delivered packages myself, dropped an email to gain feedback or included a handwritten note to say thanks. I also have meetings with teams, diving into strategy discussions, or troubleshooting any challenges that arise, every moment is an exercise in decision-making, creativity, and collaboration. Every day at Two Streets Over brings its own set of challenges and triumphs, but the mission remains constant: to elevate the art of gifting and make a difference.

As the sun dips and the day winds to a close, I transition to a more personal space. Evenings are my sanctuary. It’s when I recharge, reconnect with friends, family, and loved ones, and reflect on the day gone by. It’s a blend of relaxation, introspection, and quality time with those who mean the most.

Each day for me is a balance of personal rituals, professional commitments, and precious moments with loved ones. It’s a continuous journey towards growth, innovation, and fostering deep connections. With every sunrise, I feel an invigorating pull to not just do great things but to also be a better version of myself than I was yesterday.

What is something most people don’t know about you?

I was born at the crossroads of two rich and vibrant cultures, with a French father and an Australian mother. This unique blend has deeply woven into the fabric of who I am. I seamlessly navigate between French and English, surprising many with my fluency and lack of a discerning accent in either language. I was fortunate to inherit my bilingualism from my parents.

In my younger years, I use to see myself in the limelight of a grand stage, owning it like a rockstar. While I’ve been blessed with the confidence and the gusto (completely devoid of any stage fright), I jokingly concede that the universe perhaps ran out of ‘Taylor Swift-esque’ vocal gifts when it came to me. Though, considering my exuberance when singing, it might be a mercy for the collective ears of the world!

Jokes aside, my zest for life often finds its outlet in music and movement. Singing, dancing, and revelling in the rhythm of melodies are among my greatest joys. Whether at home, a friend’s gathering, or during impromptu moments, I seize every opportunity to let loose and dance to the beats of my heart. It’s a testament to the idea that while I may not have the voice of a chart-topping artist, I most certainly have the heart and spirit of one.

What makes you smile? 

Life’s simple pleasures never fail to bring a smile to my face: the warmth of the sun on my skin, the loyal companionship of my dogs, the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee in the morning and the shared jokes and countless memes between my sons and I.

Witnessing others revel in their joys, big or small, adds an indescribable richness to my own life. There’s a particular warmth I feel when I can play a role in reigniting joy in someone’s life, especially those who might have lost their way in finding happiness. Helping them rediscover their inherent beauty and worth is a gift.

I adore hearty laughs – the kind that comes from the belly and makes your eyes water. Creating lasting memories with my loved ones, cherishing every small moment, and feeling the weight of positive memories, these are the golden threads that stitch my life’s fabric.

I often find myself exclaiming, “I’m Free!” when plans are being made. This phrase has become an inside joke among my friends, but it’s rooted in a deeper philosophy. I believe in seizing opportunities, embracing life’s offers, and wholeheartedly saying YES to the universe’s invitations. After all, life is a grand, unfolding adventure, and I’m here to live it to the fullest, with every laugh, dance, song, and shared memory adding another chapter to my story.

What scares you?

In a world that never stops spinning and changing, one of my deepest fears is remaining stagnant while everything around me evolves. The idea of missing out on the myriad of opportunities that come my way, both professionally and personally, sends shivers down my spine. I’ve always believed that life is a series of chances and letting them slip away without seizing them is akin to watching moments of potential fade away.

On a broader scale, the notion of not making a lasting impact, both in my professional endeavours and personal relationships, weighs heavily on my heart. I want to take advantage of this gift called life – not just as a testament to my existence but as a beacon of hope, inspiration, and positive change for those who come after me.

Additionally, the fear of not keeping up with our rapidly expanding world is very real. It’s not just about being technologically advanced or staying updated with the latest trends. It’s about evolving as a person, embracing new ideas, being open-minded, and ensuring I never lose my essence in the process.

Finally, while I want to assert my space and leave my mark, I also recognise the importance of doing so with grace, poise, and style. It’s the balance between being assertive and humble, between shining bright and still ensuring others around me have their chance to shine too. The fear of losing this balance, of not navigating this tightrope with elegance, is a driving force that keeps me vigilant, grounded, and ever aware of my place in life.

If you had the power to change just one thing in the world, what would it be?

The gift of life was bestowed upon me by my parents. It’s a gift filled with highs that leave you breathless and lows that test your spirit. But the exhilaration of this journey, the sheer force of life’s beauty, is unparalleled. I’m deeply committed to shining a light on this beauty, reminding everyone of the wonder that is life, even amidst its trials.

To love and care authentically for our loved ones is not merely an act of affection but a profound responsibility. By offering strength, setting boundaries, and showing genuine care, we can set forth a ripple effect. This ripple can have the power to touch lives beyond our immediate circle, guiding them toward kindness, joy, grace, and laughter.

The power of a voice cannot be understated. By finding my voice, I not only aim to express my truths but hope to amplify the voices of others. It’s this passion to be an agent of change that drives me every day. If I could imbue one change in the world, it would be to instil empathy deep within the hearts of every individual. A world where every person understands, feels for, and genuinely cares for one another would be a world transformed. It’s my unwavering belief that if we prioritise understanding and compassion, the collective strength of humanity could build a world brimming with kindness, grace, and a shared joy that resonates through generations.

Anything else you would like to add?

Two Streets Over is a tapestry woven with dreams, aspirations, and the profound belief in the power of thoughtful gifting. It’s more than just an entrepreneurial endeavour; it’s a living testament to family values, cultural richness, and the spirit of collaboration. Born from a partnership with my son Max and the invaluable support from our business partner Benji, our mission transcends mere commerce. We are deeply rooted in the ethos of genuine connection, seeking to touch lives in meaningful ways.

Our journey, albeit young, is a testament to resilience, innovation, and the sheer determination to stand out in a saturated market. In a world where speed often overrides substance, we’ve chosen the path less travelled, focusing on the heart and soul of gifting. It’s about understanding the person at the other end and ensuring that every package sent out echoes our commitment to originality and pure joy.

Our success isn’t merely in numbers. It’s in the feedback from customers who felt heard, in the growth of our dedicated team who believes in our mission, and in the ripple effect we have on the broader community. We are driven by an insatiable desire to make an impact both professionally and personally, to own our space in this world with grace, style, and commitment.

As we look to the horizon, our hopes are pinned on innovation, sustainability, and the magic that emerges when purpose aligns with passion.

Every day presents a new opportunity to laugh, to dance, to sing (albeit not like Taylor Swift!), and to spread joy in every conceivable manner.

Two Streets Over is not just a brand: It’s about saying ‘YES’ to life, seizing every opportunity, and making a difference—one thoughtful gift at a time.

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