Key features of a luxury wedding ring

Especially for once-in-a-lifetime purchases such as buying a wedding ring, consumers want a high-quality product that will last. But how can you identify luxury? While price can be an indicator of excellence, there are several other aspects that are more important in determining an item’s status such as quality, exclusivity, and craftsmanship.

Before you invest in this extra special accessory, take a moment to explore the key features of a luxury wedding ring. This will ensure that your ring stands the test of time as an eternal symbol of your love and devotion.


Most important is to prioritise the quality of the metal. The best metals for wedding rings will not dull or tarnish over time and will be resistant to damage. Wedding rings were traditionally made using yellow gold, but more modern choices include other precious metals such as platinum or different shades of gold like white gold and rose gold.

Platinum is considered to be the most luxurious option. This is because it is 30 times more rare than gold, and the metal has qualities that make it ideal for an accessory that sees daily wear for a lifetime. Platinum’s purity means that it is more durable than gold and naturally hypoallergenic, and it has a pleasing weight to it.


Attention to detail is another key part of what makes a product luxurious. When selecting your perfect wedding ring, think about special added extras that could take the design to the next level. For example, you could investigate wedding bands adorned with a row of tiny diamonds that deliver extra sparkle, or plain metal bands enhanced with an engraved pattern.

If you have an engagement ring with a low setting such as a cluster or halo style, you will need to choose a specially-shaped wedding ring that crowns the gemstone on one side. For engagement rings with a high setting, there is still the option of having a less traditional wedding band, such as a silhouette ring which frames the stone on either side.

Whichever design you choose, make sure that your wedding ring is an excellent example of that style. Superlative design, whether classic or cutting edge, is essential to achieving luxury.


Most luxury products also have a long-standing heritage behind them. This is usually in relation to the brand, but it can also be that the product is a reflection of years of research.

Choosing to buy your wedding ring from a leading jeweller that is well-established means that you can be certain of the very best gems and metals, mined in an ethical way, and careful craftsmanship. It also helps to give your wedding ring more weight as a status symbol. Perhaps most crucially, however, you gain access to lifelong aftercare and advice with regards to resizing or making additions to the design further down the line.


When it comes to our most precious possessions, we don’t want to have run-of-the-mill, mass-produced items. Just like the desire to decorate the home with unique pieces, when it comes to our luxury wardrobe we want one-of-a-kind designs that are tailored to our style and personality.

There are several ways that you can personalise your wedding ring to make it more precious to you. Why not design your own unique ring, adjusting the thickness and shape of the band until it meets your exact vision? You could also add unusual features such as coloured gemstones or a gap in the band that is known as a bypass.

Popular ways to customise your wedding rings include picking out matching couple designs and adding a heartfelt inscription on the inside of the metal band.




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