The Krane. A Luxury Retreat For two

There are many hotels in the world that are characterized by having different and unique designs and structures. Many architects have designed hotels and buildings in various ways, innovating in their ways of seeing things and the different materials that can be used. Some architects have taken advantage of abandoned or incomplete structures to make their installations and take advantage of space and land, as in the case of Copenhagen where an architect took advantage of a structure located in a port that was originally built to extract boats from the water.

The Krane began as a crane built in 1944, located in the port of the city of Nordhavnen, but this one was abandoned several years ago and an architect decided to elaborate a hotel with these facilities. The “hotel” Krane is a one-room hotel, which is very luxurious and has different areas that make it one of the most luxurious in Denmark. The facility has separate spaces and has saunas and a spa, as well as a conference area and several terraces.

The design of the hotel is minimalist, despite being very luxurious it has a minimalist style and colors that make it stand out from its location and give a combination with outer space. The walls and interior floor have a Nordic style with a combination of black and brown woods that make an excellent contrast. In addition, there are different shades of black in different areas of the hotel. The contrast of the internal black with the gray color of the structure allows the clients to wrap themselves in the interior of the hotel delighting in every detail and wrapping each time for a total enjoyment that offers peace and tranquility.

A characteristic of The Krane is the different terraces that it has each one in different locations of the way that allows the clients to have several views, on the one hand, you can appreciate the port of Nordhavnen and by others, the look can reach some counties of Sweden.

The spaces were perfectly adapted to the structure of the crane and each gives a feeling of unique comfort. The living room, dining room, and kitchen are intercommunicated with each other and have a sofa-bed that allows people to sit and enjoy the stay or just lie down for a while. The kitchen is small but has many things that can satisfy the need of anyone; this has a Nespresso machine, minibar, refrigerator with food and products, and in case the client wants something that is not immediately sent to ask.

The bathroom may look narrow but it has huge tubs where you can have an excellent bath enjoying the view through the large windows in the room. The different areas and views that this luxurious hotel has are wonderful; the conference room has all the glass walls which give a unique atmosphere. The terraces are an excellent space to enjoy and be, contemplating the wonders of Copenhagen.

The Krane is one of the most luxurious hotels in Denmark and its features and designs prove it, in addition to the satisfaction that has had the people who have been able to stay here. The room at this hotel costs £ 2,200 a night, a fairly high price; however, many people flock to it, especially in high season.



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