Kylie Jenner, The New Image Of Quay Australia Limited Edition #QUAYXKYLIE

The model and fashion designer Kylie Jenner is the new image of the Melbourne sunglasses company Quay Australia. This is a limited edition that surely will be a success since Jenner is a daily trending topic in pop culture and is always in the sight of the world.

Quay Australia has always been supported by musicians and artists, so it is a goal for them to find the collaboration of a popular model. The object of their product to be fresh and reach a fearless freethinking consumers that inspired them when they started the company on the festival circuit.

The name of this edition is The QUAYXKYLIE capsule collection and it is composed of 4 styles, silver, black, gold and green. There are several photos of the campaign where the model appears with the different sunglasses showing her sensual and fashioned talent in different settings that will call the attention and passion for the brand of the buyers. It was recently announced that the sunglasses are from 75 to 80 USD.

Kylie Jenner

Jenner is the perfect image for this new project of the Australian company not only because of her fame and social significance in the fashion world, but also because she matches with the energetic and vigorous profile that the consumers of the company fill. So, it is a great collaboration both to increase Kylie Jenner’s rating and the expansion of the company through thousands of her followers.

As it is known, Jenner is a model, fashion designer and an enthusiastic entrepreneur; hence, it is no rare to see that she participated in the design creation of this collection. Also, she gave her special and accurate touch to this edition, so her image matches the characteristics of the sunglasses. The collection comprises an exact combination of the pattern style of the Australian Company and Kylie Jenner’s attributes.

In addition Kylie Jenner has manifested that she has been a fan of the brand before this collaboration, and has worn their sunglasses many times, so she is very proud for taking part as an image and designer with Quay Australia. It seems to be a released dream for the talented model and it is going to be another successful goal in her career. #QUAYXKYLIE is the main tag on social media for promoting this Capsule Collection. The beautiful Jenner is followed by around one hundred seventy five million people and this marketing campaign with the support of the whole of Kylie’s fans could pull the popularity of the Australian company beyond the expected levels.

These amazing sunglasses will be available from July 11th on. It is important to remark that a premium case and a cleaning cloth are included with the purchase of the sunglasses. Other important details is the extension of the styles that encompasses oversized shields, details as small cat eyes and tiny geometric features and aviators sportswear. It is obviously a coldly calculated design. Many followers of both Quay Australia and Kylie Jenner should be waiting anxiously to buy this new edition.





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