Lady Monika Bacardi. Film Producer & Co-founder of AMBI Productions. MONACO

Monika Gomez Del Campo Bacardi, Lady of Bayfield Hall, or simply known as Lady Monika Bacardi, is a founding member of AMBI Productions. Through her work with the company, Bacardi has worked on financing and producing a number of well-known films. Bacardi and her colleague Andrea Iervolino founded AMBI in 2013. The group has worked diligently to finance, produce and distribute films throughout the world. Through its work, AMBI has developed a number of partnerships with leading media companies around the globe.

AMBI focuses on financing medium to large budget films. It also works with Hollywood A-list stars and celebrities to bring films to life and on to the silver screen. AMBI has produced films such as The Humbling, Devil May Care, Hope Lost and a number of other cutting-edge and critically acclaimed movies. AMBI produces around 10 films per year and continues to work on financing great cinematic works of art.

Lady Monika Bacardi and Andrea Iervolino

Born in Italy, Monika Bacardi studied arts and literature, thus helping her form a love for cinema. Bacardi relocated to Monte Carlo more than 20 years ago; and it was there that she met the man who would become her husband, Lord Luis Bacardi. His surname is the very same one associated with the Bacardi Rum company, and he is a descendent of the founder of the business, which is still run by the family today. Luis ran the Bacardi company for four decades.

The couple had a daughter, named Maria Luisa Monika, shortly after marriage. The three were together for only a short time, however, as in 2005, Luis passed away after a long bout with cancer.

Monika Bacardi has spent much of her time traveling and has a great love for the jet set life. As part of her love of travel and role as a businesswoman, Bacardi has studied languages. She is fluent in five languages, including French, German, English, Spanish, and her native tongue, Italian.

In 2016, Monika Bacardi and her AMBI production company agreed to a deal with China’s SinoLicensing. The mega-deal combines the knowledge and expertise of both companies. Through the deal, the groups finance, produce and distribute content in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The three locations are major markets and content starved; and the deal allows AMBI a destination to export its films.

Bacardi has not only worked in the cinema and film industry as a producer, but she has also owned her own magazine. At one time, Bacardi owned the French magazine PHOTO. The Italian bought the company in 2014, but in 2017, she decided to step away from the medium and give her full attention to AMBI once more.

Although Monika Bacardi is focused on the cinema, she finds time in her busy schedule for charities. During the year, Bacardi can be found raising funds and awareness for a number notable causes. She is very active in helping to raise awareness of environmental issues. Bacardi is also a firm believer in building a more sustainable environment, and champions various fundraising initiatives in Monaco.



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