Lee Coleman. Attorney and Founding Partner of Hughes & Coleman Injury Lawyers

Lee Coleman

Lee Coleman, the founding partner of Hughes & Coleman Injury Lawyers, has become the firm’s managing partner and majority owner. The firm was established in 1985 with J. Marshall Hughes as a co-founder. Throughout its impressive 37-year trajectory, the firm has burgeoned to encompass 30 attorneys and established ten offices spanning the regions of Kentucky and Tennessee, supplemented by an affiliated entity in Albuquerque, New Mexico. An additional source of pride for Lee is the inclusion of his two sons, Benjamin and Andrew, as practicing attorneys within the H&C family.

Embarking on his legal journey, Lee earned his Law Degree from the University of Louisville in 1981, following his undergraduate studies in Business Administration at the University of Kentucky in 1978. During the developing phase of his career, spanning two years, Lee served as a Prosecutor with the Warren County Attorney’s office in Bowling Green, Kentucky. In this capacity, he ardently represented the Commonwealth of Kentucky in many Criminal, Traffic, and Juvenile cases, accumulating invaluable trial experience by engaging in approximately 50 jury trials.

In 1984, equipped with the experience garnered as a Prosecutor, Lee transitioned to private practice, initially working as an Associate Attorney for the seasoned Gary Logsdon. During this period, he focused on Chapter 7 Bankruptcy cases, extending legal assistance to consumers grappling with insurmountable financial burdens. Recognizing the plight of hard-working individuals facing adversity due to job loss or overwhelming medical bills, Lee pioneered paid legal advertisements, becoming the first local attorney to employ this strategy in attracting clients seeking relief.

The pivotal year of 1985 marked the inception of Hughes & Coleman, as Lee and Mr. Hughes joined forces. This marked a transformative chapter where Lee shifted his focus to representing injury victims, particularly those injured in workplace accidents or vehicular collisions. In the formative years of H&C, Lee assumed the role of lead attorney overseeing courtroom proceedings, orchestrating at least 20 cases to a Jury Verdict. Today, H&C steadfastly pursues maximum compensation for many clients who have suffered injuries.

In legal marketing, Lee’s visionary approach emerged in the face of prevailing norms. In the 1980s, TV lawyer ads were largely considered distasteful and unprofessional by the legal fraternity. In 1987, H&C defied convention by becoming the first local law firm to run TV ads on local television in Bowling Green, Kentucky. This audacious move encountered opposition from the Kentucky Bar Association, which contested using the phrase “Injury Lawyers” in H&C’s TV ads. Mr. Coleman, perceiving this as an infringement on constitutional rights, steered the firm’s appeal to the Kentucky Supreme Court. The culmination of this legal battle occurred in 2001 when the court unanimously ruled in favor of H&C, affirming the propriety of using “Injury Lawyers.”

Lee Coleman’s contributions have not gone unnoticed, with accolades such as being named a Kentucky Super Lawyer in Personal Injury since 2012 and receiving an AV Rating, the highest rating accorded by Martindale-Hubbell®, the nation’s premier Attorney Rating service. Since the 1990s, Lee has presided over the M&L Legal Marketing and Management seminar, fostering connections with successful injury lawyers nationwide.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Lee maintains an active lifestyle, traveling with his wife and family and participating in golf, bicycling, and snow skiing. His wife of 41 years, the Hon. JoAnn Spinks Coleman, retired from the Warren District Court Judge position, adding another layer to their familial tapestry. Alongside sons Benjamin and Andrew, their third son, Johnathan, has carved a niche as a physician in Chicago. Together, Lee and JoAnn cherish their role as grandparents to six grandchildren.

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