Luxurious Honeymoon Destinations

Is there anything more beautiful than a wedding? It is the day you tie the knot with your best friend and two lives become one. Yes, a wedding is a wonderful experience in which a couple’s courtship ends and the real hard work begins. Or so they say.

Before the hard work starts, however, newlyweds whisk themselves away on what should be the trip of a lifetime. A honeymoon is not only a time to enjoy each other’s company, but it is a chance to do something unique before careers, kids, and other issues make vacations difficult to come by.

In the United States alone, 1.4 million couples go on honeymoons each year. The average amount spent on a honey in the U.S. is $12 billion a year, making it a major industry for hotels, airlines, and travel agencies. Hopefully, couples are getting their money’s worth by visiting beautiful tropical sandy beaches or snowcapped mountain chateau retreats.

Hawaii is often the favorite honeymoon destinations for couples. By why go to the same old cliched places when you can go to our top choices for honeymoon paradise. Get off the beaten path and explore some new, unchartered honeymoon ground.

Classic Caribbean!


Anguilla is everything you expect from a sun swept Caribbean beach destination. Swaying palm trees? Check. Crystal clear ocean waters lapping on the short? Check. Gorgeous luxury resorts with employees waiting on you hand and foot? Check.

You will find relaxing ocean breezes blowing through the trees on Anguilla. Sitting on the beach all day is a favorite pastime while sipping drinks under a sun umbrella. The island’s posh beach retreats give honeymooners the chance to dine on meals crafted by top chefs.

When not in the sun you can enjoy a spa visit and have the stress of preparing your wedding massaged away. Resorts come in all shapes and sizes. You can find just about everything from all-inclusive to private villas with their own exclusive swimming pools.

Go Greek!


The Greek island of Santorini looks straight off of a postcard. The white walled houses and buildings with their blue doomed roofs are unmistakable. The entire island offers an old-world romanticism that few other honeymoon destinations can conjure up.

Santorini’s beaches are brilliant with their white sands and warm Mediterranean waters. Travelers can enjoy a variety of water sports including sailing, wind surfing, and snorkeling. Santorini’s proximity to other Greek islands gives you the chance to island hop. Sail from Santorini to one of its sister islands and you can spend the day on a deserted beach eating a romantic picnic lunch.

Santorini is a destination for European celebrities looking to escape the limelight. The Greek island’s luxurious resorts offer pampering to the extreme. After a day at the beach or hiking the hills that dot the island, you can find Santorini’s restaurants serving delicious Mediterranean foods. The nightlife on Santorini can kick it up a notch. So, if you aren’t too tired from the Santorini sun, you can visit the clubs and see why the island is so popular after dark.

Ciao Bella!

Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast’s towns cling to rocky cliffs holding on for dear life. It is a remarkable sight to see and one of the most romantic newlywed destinations. Not only does the Amalfi Coast offer luxury and hotels oozing with Italian hospitality, but it is near enough to Naples, Florence, and Rome that travelers can combine the cities into a lengthy honeymoon trip.

You will find the unbelievable steep village streets of Positano, Moorish architecture, azure waters, and colorful buildings dotting the Amalfi Coast. Meanwhile, the dark sandy beaches and bright umbrellas are perfect for lounging on throughout the day.

The Amalfi Coast is one of the most glamorous honeymoon destinations in the world. It attracts high rollers, holidaymakers, and honeymooners each year. In 2017, it was called the ‚Äėperfect honeymoon destination‚Äô. You only get one honeymoon, why not make it Italy‚Äôs Amalfi Coast?

Winter Wonderland!

Swiss Alps

A winter wedding doesn’t mean you have to put off a honeymoon until summer. Snowy winter destinations can offer just as much fun and romance as a sandy beach and swaying palm trees. Think about it: What is more romantic than cuddling up with your partner, sipping hot chocolate, and watching the snow fall outside your hotel window?

The Swiss Alps are a perfect ski destination for honeymooners wanting something different than the cliched island getaway. Take to the slopes during the day while dining on Michelin starred meals when the sun goes down.

Many of the top luxury resorts in the Alps offer suites with fire places to sit in front of and while the cold wind blows outside. If sports are not your thing and skiing and snowboarding on the slopes does not sound fun, there is plenty more to enjoy. Switzerland is home to thermal spas, blissful villages, and comfortable lake cruises. There is something for everyone in the Alps.

African Adventure!


Located in Tanzania and Kenya, the Serengeti may not be the first place that comes to mind when booking a honeymoon. But an African safari honeymoon and the Instagram pictures to match will make you the envy of all your friends. While they went to Hawaii, like everyone else, you were staying in a luxury Serengeti hut (which does not look like a hut at all) with giraffes and wildebeest casually strolling by your window.

The wildlife is unique and you will be within touching distance of animals you have only seen in zoos or on nature television shows. The Serengeti landscape is beautifully lush with swaying grasses that gleam in the sunlight. If you go in winter expect some rain, but it is typically short and won’t negatively affect the safari experience.

North Pole Escape!

Located in Northern Finland, Lapland is a winter spectacle that is covered in snow much of the year. The subarctic wilderness is not the typical honeymoon destination, but again, that is why it is the perfect place for you to go.

Lapland is often connected with Santa Claus and families take trips to the winter wonderland to visit the big man’s Christmas village. But Santa is not the only reason to honeymoon in Lapland. The Northern Lights can be seen from September to March, lighting up the sky in beautiful colors. They provide fantastic nighttime entertainment and there are few things more romantic than cuddling in the cold watching the light show.

Visitors can take snowmobile safaris and cross-country ski through the region’s wilderness. There are also reindeer sleigh rides, husky sled tours, and ice skating. When you and your spouse are worn out, you can retire to Lapland’s unique igloo hotels for a one of a kind sleep experience. Lapland will bring out the kid in you.

Party in the city where the heat is on!


Miami is the home of gorgeous art deco buildings, sun-soaked beaches, and flamboyant cars cruising the streets. The land of Miami Vice, cocktails, and parties until 5 a.m., that is Miami in a nutshell.

The city has a different side to what is on television and in films. Miami has a luxurious element and other American cities are unable to touch it. So many people go to the south Florida city looking for fame and fortune. Celebrities love to party in the city. Even actor/singer Will Smith sang about his love of Miami.

Honeymooners have an infinite amount of options on a trip to Miami. Lay out on Miami Beach throughout the day soaking up the sun’s rays. After getting all dressed up in your best Crockett and Tubbs apparel, make your way to South Beach for cocktails and dinner. The resorts and hotels are brilliant and provide everything needed for an unforgettable honeymoon. Golf, swimming pools, bars, and more are all on offer in America’s other Sin City.

A honeymoon is a truly magical time, so do not waste it on just another city. Be bold and adventurous and make one of these destinations your choice for a trip of a lifetime.

By Drew Farmer



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