Luxury Gifts To Spoil Your Partner with On Your Next Holiday Trip

A great gift doesn’t have to break the budget, but something luxurious and expensive is a welcomed treat from time to time. Thankfully, plenty of ideas are out there that perfectly deliver quality and value, making it the ideal investment piece.

From monogrammed tote bags and lux Italian loafers to sexy corset bras and tops and her favourite fragrance, you will purchase your partner gifts she can use now and for years to come.

High-End Blow Dryer

With clever heat control technology, plenty of attachments and simple to navigate, the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer will quickly become one of the best investment purchases you make for your partner.

Perfect for hair of varying lengths and thickness, it will drastically cut down her hair styling time without compromising on the salon-quality finish. Available in a variety of colours, it may feel like a steep initial price, but it will quickly pay itself off in the long run.

Cashmere Loungeset

While regular cotton sweats are perfect for a day spent around the house, they hardly scream luxury. Upgrade her lazy day favourites with a chic and ultra-comfortable cashmere lounge set. Not only is it the epitome of comfort and style, she can easily dress it up for a casual day out.

Available in a wide range of sizes and colours, you have the added bonus of recycled sets for a sustainable option. Swap your home slippers for fashion sneakers for an effortless transition from couch to restaurant.

Her Favourite Fragrance

Fragrance can be a tricky gift to get right, as scents and smells are incredibly personalised and can change according to the person wearing them. But, when done right, luxury fragrances and matching box sets are the ultimate gifts.

Before making a purchase, look at her existing fragrances to gain an idea of what she likes. Ask simple, unassuming questions to better understand her favourite scent groups, brands, and dominant smells.

An Everyday Diamond Necklace

Dainty jewellery carries an elegant and feminine touch that is hard to match. Simple and small pieces that can be worn daily perfectly elevate your style without overwhelming your overall look.

To push these pieces to the next level, opt for a dainty gold and diamond pendant necklace that she will never want to take off. Switch gold for silver if it is more her style, or choose a pair of earrings if she is likely to get more wear out of them.

The Ultimate Lingerie

Despite popular belief, lingerie is for the person wearing it just as much as for those lucky enough to see it. Nothing makes a woman feel sexier and more confident than the perfect lingerie set, and thankfully, plenty of different options are available to guarantee you make the right choice.

You can choose something you like and wish to see her in, or take a note from her and use her existing underwear as inspiration to choose something she will love. However, there are two essential points you should never forget.

Firstly, respect her level of comfort and ensure that whatever you purchase won’t push her to a level she is uncomfortable with. And secondly, double-check you have the correct size. Purchasing something too big or too small can present an element of insecurity that is unnecessary and unwanted.

Italian Loafers

There is no better footwear option than loafers. They perfectly balance comfort and style, ideal for a casual Sunday lunch or a dressy date night. They can be worn year-round and will match everything in her closet.

The classic leather loafer is not only a timeless wardrobe staple; it is a worthwhile shoe investment. Leather is a fantastic material, as it gets better with age and is relatively simple to keep clean and maintain. Like with leather handbags, faux leather is the perfect alternative for a more ethical choice.

Designer Shades

Designer shades are a fantastic gift for any lady in your life, as their quality and style make them an incredibly versatile accessory to any outfit. To ensure you get a pair you know she will love, spend some time investigating her favourite brand and current style to guarantee something she will swoon over.

If she wears prescription glasses, there are plenty of online shops that offer premium designer sunglasses frames at affordable prices, with the option to order with prescription lenses if needed. Alternatively, head directly to the designer’s website for the ultimate purchasing ease.

Monogrammed Tote

Thanks to its immense versatility, a monogrammed tote bag is the perfect luxury gift. Perfect for a mom on the go, a corporate working woman or someone heading back to school, it is the ideal size to carry everything you will need to get you through the day.

To get the most out of this stylish accessory, Italian leather will be the best choice, as it gets better with age and is easy to keep clean. However, faux leather options will offer all the best features of the original with an ethical touch. Finally, add a monogram to celebrate her for a chic and personalised touch.

Preserved Roses

For the lady in your life that adores flowers, real preserved roses will go down a treat. Most rose bouquets only last around a week. But Venus et Fleur has found the perfect solution to extend that longevity for an entire year.

You can select from an array of different colours and bouquet sizes, providing the ultimate style piece for her office desk, bedside table or vanity.





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