Luxury Hotels to Visit this Summer

Champagne wishes and caviar dreams come true at these luxury hotels. Jetsetters will find all they want and more on a vacation to these dream locations this summer.

Belle Mont Farm – St. Kitts, Carribean

Belle Mont Farm is located on one of St. Kitts’ rainforest covered hills. The hotel is redefining Carribean luxury hotels. Belle Mont Farm prides itself on being a sustainable luxury destination, something few hotels can claim to be. The hotel sits on a 400-acre organic farm that produces many of the foods eaten by guests on a daily basis. The hotel and its head chef Christophe Letard has brought a farm to table philosophy to Belle Mont Farm. The restaurant delivers unique dishes created by Letard and the ingredients grown on the hotel’s organic farm. Guests stay in Carribean colonial inspired guesthouses with views down the hillside and out to the sea. Tourists can play golf on the hotel’s organic golf course or explore St. Kitts via the local trekking trails.

Alto Atacama – San Pedro Atacama, Chile

Located in the driest desert in the world, the luxurious Alto Atacama is an oasis of beauty and charm. The hotel blends in with the rugged landscape, but there is nothing tough about this destination. The Alto Atacama is an adobe-walled lodge with relaxing swimming pools and a garden that contains indigenous planets to the area. Nighttime in the desert is one of the clearest anywhere on Earth. Gazing at the night’s sky with a loved one is one of the most romantic pastimes offered at the Alto Atacama.

Tulemar Bungalows and Villas – Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Visitors will find 34 self-contained bungalows and villas situated in the Costa Rican hills. Guests will be able to look out over local beaches as they sit at the hotel’s poolside patios. Guests will find a private beach while staying at the hotel. That is, if travelers can pull themselves away from their luxury rooms. At just over $400 per night, the Tulemar Bungalows and Villas is an affordable luxury hotel.

Cotton House Hotel – Barcelona, Spain

Designed by Lazaro Rosa-Violan, the Cotton House is one of the most jaw dropping hotels in Europe. Rosa-Violan turned the 19th century cotton-maker’s guild building into an impressive, classic looking hotel with unrivaled customer service. The restaurants and lounges are just as wonderful as the hotel’s décor. Guests can take a seat in the library and order a cocktail while relaxing. There is also a tailor on hand in the hotel, who can produce a custom shirt for guests looking for a new piece to add to their wardrobe.

Burj Al Arab – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The Burj Al Arab is Dubai’s star-studded luxury hotel fit for a king. Built on an artificial island, guests can arrive at the hotel via helicopter and park on the helipad located near the roof. Shaped like a traditional Middle East sail boat, the hotel’s royal suite will set back visitors around $24,000 a night. The hotel’s Al Mahara restaurant is located under water and allows diners to eat while watching finish swim around them. Travelers will experience Middle Eastern luxury while staying at the five-star hotel.



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