Luxury Winter Experiences

Carlton Hotel St. Moritz

Winter is a time of year that many travelers choose to stay at home to let the cold weather pass by. However, some adventure seekers book holidays to warm climate regions to get away from the drop in temperatures, snow, and chill. While going to a warm destination can be a great break from the cold, a winter holiday experience can be the perfect piece of excitement you need.

Winter experiences are what you make of them. From arctic adventures to snowcapped getaways to desert retreats, you can find plenty of winter luxury when the mercury drops. It can be cliched to head off to a tropical island in winter time to get away from it all. So, why not try out these destinations for something a bit different this winter?

An Artic Escape

Want to wow your friends and family? Then you need to visit the Artic Bath this winter. Located in northern Sweden just below the Arctic Circle, the Artic Bath is a luxurious boutique hotel with 12 rooms and a spa.

Artic Bath Hotel

The hotel floats on the Lule River, but don’t worry, it is anchored down preventing you from floating away from this luxurious winter escape. The hotel is sure to become one of the biggest getaway destinations soon regardless of the season.

The exterior of the hotel is futuristic with an arctic twist and blends into the wintery weather conditions of the region. You will experience each night under the Northern Lights and can look out your bedroom windows at the unique spectacle. If you decided to visit in summer, the Arctic Bath is bathed in midnight sun, giving you the chance to experience daylight 24-hours a day. It is a forgettable experience.

Artic Bath Hotel & Spa

A winter visit gives you a chance to splash in the hotel’s invigorating arctic plunge pool. It is a great way to wake up the body and to shake off a hangover. The Arctic Bath’s spa is can then massage away the tension and take you into full relaxation. The hotel’s restaurant serves gourmet food based on local ingredients prepared by highly skilled Swedish chefs.

Guests can reach the Arctic Bath via helicopter. Of course, you can also reach the unique hotel by car if you choose.

Snow Polo World Cup

Polo is one of the world’s fastest paced games and it is a sport that has been played by the world’s elite for centuries. In January 2022, the sport will take to the snow as the Snow Polo World Cup is played in St. Moritz, Switzerland.

Hosted in the beautiful natural winter setting of Switzerland, St. Moritz has hosted the biggest winter polo tournament since 1985. Along with exciting polo, you will find gourmet restaurants and five-star hotels dotting St. Moritz.

The Carlton Hotel St. Moritz is the pick of the litter when attending the Snow Polo World Cup. The famous hotel looks out across Lake St. Moritz offering spectacular winter wonderland views. A spa awaits guests looking for some extra care after taking in the polo action.

It is just a five-minute walk to the center of St. Moritz allowing you to stroll into town for a meal or to explore the local architecture. Built in 1913, the historic hotel offers a glimpse into the past as it towers above much of the Swiss town. The views of the lakes and mountains around St. Moritz are amazing, especially when standing in your room. Cozy fireplaces help heat this extravagant hotel and providing a sense of home comfort.

The Carlton Hotel St. Moritz

The Polo World Cup takes place January 24th to the 26th and it will be held on St. Moritz Lake, which will be frozen over. It is a luxurious town and event not to miss out on.

Desert Getaway

Okay, you may have had enough snow, ice, and cold weather, and now you want to go somewhere that allows you to see something else besides frozen landscapes. That is fair enough, so why not head to America’s southwest?

Tuscon, Arizona offers a desert getaway with a dry climate getting you out of the snow and cold. Days can be mild reaching as high as 75-degrees Fahrenheit (24-degrees Celsius) and as low as 40-degrees Fahrenheit (4-degrees Celsius) when the sun goes down.

Miraval Arizona Resort & Spa

Tuscon’s most exciting and luxurious destination is the Miraval Arizona Resort & Spa. Gourmet cuisine and spa treatments to revive the body and mind are the resort’s specialties. The service is impeccable at the resort as staff help guests relax and recharge their batteries.

The Miraval Arizona Resort & Spa is extremely secluded on 400 acres of real estate in northern Tuscon. The hotel’s creative programs are to get guests active and living the best life possible. The food, spa, and wellness activities provided by the inclusive resort are proof that it wants guests to feel the best they can during a visit before heading back to their busy lives.

Miraval Arizona Resort & Spa is expansive with a spa, mindfulness center, and dedicated sports areas providing tennis and rock climbing. Perhaps the only thing onsite that you cannot get is a top-class golf course.

Miraval Arizona Resort & Spa

There is no need to fear, however, as Tuscon has a number of highly rated golf courses not far from the Miraval Arizona Resort & Spa. Many PGA and professional players retreat to Arizona during the winter and play on the plethora of courses the state has to offer. So, you will be able to spend plenty of time on the fairway.

The rooms of the hotel are a real treat with many resembling villas rather than simple hotel bedrooms. You will find sun loungers located outside your villa giving you the chance to soak up some winter Arizona sun.

Tuscon experiences 286 days of sunlight a year which makes the desert city an ideal location for a winter getaway. If the snow and cold has got you down, the dry desert air could be the pick me up you need.




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