Mending the Defective School Systems. Helping our Future Generations

Cleopatra Fitzgerald’s on Mending the Defective School Systems

If the schools, centers of education are filled with ineptitude it is propagating an inimical and incapable environment and society. Education is the how society moves forward towards inventions, solutions, the dawning of new phases. In every academic field rigorous expertise and concentration is exigent for genuine strides. Once the educational systems are disreputable in such way the species regresses. Schools can be any category -public, private, religious, virtual, home schooling, magnet, specialized, boarding, military and so forth. Nonetheless, if the curriculum, testing, staff/student relations are fallacious it shall be a disruptive educational experience. In times of yore, schools were as now a possibility to surpass poverty and enter a profession or career.

Despite that, we observe news of frequent cases of child, student abuse in schools, universities by teachers, coaches, counselors, directors (it can be verbal, physical, emotional). The lack of fair policies in schools jeopardizes the safety and health of the members/participants. Reports show in schools: incidents of crime, offenses, violence, discrimination, peer pressure, rapes, assaults, deaths, robberies,   bullying, and countless others. The students cannot participate fully in class when they are being tormented by ambiguous tests, outdated books or books intended to target students indirectly,  teacher absenteeism, overpriced textbooks that when resold costs couple of dollars and cafeteria food prices enormous sum for a few food items and it has to be checked for nutritional safety. Likewise, student debts because of high tuition and admission discrimination (not admitted to their school of selection), several teachers not trained enough to teach and failing students they do not like but telling other students what to study, costs of repeating courses or transferring schools that might not accept all credit courses.

Online degrees or virtual homeschooling courses should not be easy materials that when compared to live classes/degrees or exams an online student cannot pass the required material for each level of study. Taking time off both students and professors so they can refresh themselves from hard work is essential. Gym class coaches/teachers should check if children/adults have medical conditions that prevent rigorous exercises and require exemption by medical or religion note and instead complete a written assignment in reference to sports.

Another issue in universities/schools is the fake medical misdiagnosis of students by teachers, counselors, psychologists whose purposes include: discrimination, bias, to have programs to gain money such as after-school and pharma gains billions if students are medicated. Medicated students have after-effects that have produced violence in the classroom, bad grades and underlying health conditions.

School safety:

The outer streets and inner of campus/schools should be well lighted and with surveillance cameras, security (background checked and not to side with any of workers/staff, to be held accountable if biased), security to patrol dorms, halls, stairwells, locker rooms, libraries, bathrooms, cafeterias, etc, frequently to detect drug dealings, assaults or other illegal activities. Security or teachers, directors to verify who picks up the students. Playgrounds, cafeterias, classes, offices, bathrooms to be safe and germ/virus free. Inside buses to detect if students are left behind especially during freezing,  hot weather.

The solutions are to have oversight and investigative teams to see where are the funds going and how students are being treated, how everything is functioning, no cover-ups so persons can fix the school problems widespread locally, nationally and, internationally.

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