Mold Awareness Month Creator Reiterates Need for Indoor Air Quality Vigilance

It’s likely many Americans think of September as the start of football season or the beginning of a new school year. But to GOT MOLD?® founder Jason Earle, something that’s not thought about enough is indoor mold growth. That’s why, back in 2010, he successfully lobbied to declare September Mold Awareness Month.

“I created Mold Awareness Month after seeing so many schools open for students in September, only to close down shortly thereafter due to mold problems,” says Earle. “These problems are often caused by maintenance staff making ill-informed but well-intended decisions, such as turning off the AC during the summer to save money, or shampooing the rugs and failing to fully extract the water.”

Water is the source of all indoor mold growth, and when moisture is allowed to fester – e.g. when summer humidity meets a lack of ventilation – health issues can arise, ranging from mild (allergy symptoms, headaches, nausea, fatigue) to potentially fatal (asthma attacks, respiratory infections). But classrooms are just one part of the story. Our homes and office buildings are just as prone to mold growth—in all seasons.

“Mold growth indoors and its negative impact on human health, especially in children and the elderly, is something only recently understood and widely accepted. As we begin to close our doors and windows for the winter months ahead, take this time to become more aware about indoor air quality,” says Earle.

A childhood sufferer of numerous respiratory ailments, Earle has made it his life’s mission to help others touched by mold-related afflictions, culminating in the creation of the GOT MOLD? Test Kit, a portable, state-of-the-art device that consumers can use to test the air in their homes and offices.

In commemoration of Mold Awareness Month, all GOT MOLD? Test Kits are 20% off. Just visit and enter coupon code MAM20 at checkout. Expires 9/30/22.

GOT MOLD?® empowers people with the tools and knowledge to make better decisions about the air they breathe. The company’s flagship product is a professional-quality indoor air test kit that allows concerned consumers to quickly, easily and affordably sample their air for mold. Learn more at and follow on Instagram and Facebook. GOT MOLD?® is a registered trademark of MycoLab USA LLC.



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