Combining old-school Russian luxury with modern day style

By Drew Farmer

Moscow is one of the fastest growing holiday destinations in Europe. The historic Russian city attracts millions of tourists each year, and in 2016 alone, the capital saw around 17.5 million visitors. The figure placed Moscow in the top 10 of European cities to visit, according to Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel.

As a travel destination, Moscow is very accessible for travelers looking for a luxury experience. The city has everything a luxury traveler wants in a holiday: great restaurants, beautiful hotels and historic landmarks at an arm’s length. The former communist state is now a top port of call for those with money to spend. No matter if it’s a short break or an extended stay, Moscow is the perfect place for a holiday abroad.

Where to stay

Located near the Kremlin and Red Square, the Ritz Charlton Moscow puts visitors in the heart of the historic capital. The Ritz Carlton provides guests with luxurious and spacious rooms that offer a home away from home. Making it even more relaxing is the butler service the hotel provides. Guests will be waited on hand and foot during their stay.

The Hotel Savoy offers old-school charm in its neoclassic decorated rooms. The hotel dates back to 1913 before the Russian Revolution and has a romantic feel that cannot be beaten. The Savoy mixes modern elements of style with older aesthetics. The hotel is situated in the center of the city, and guests will have the best parts of the capital at their doorstep.

Guests looking for easy access to the center of Moscow, but away from the congested city traffic, will love the Hotel BaltschugKempinski. The hotel overlooks the Moscow River and gives guests a great morning view. The hotel’s restaurant offers fine dining to visitors, and diners can enjoy food and drinks outside on the patio.

Where to eat

Whether a local or tourist, coming dressed to impressed is key when dining out in Moscow. The elite restaurants around the city are varied in food, style and ambience. Visitors will find variety unique to the capital city when out and about.

Luxury diners should look no further than CafĂ© Pushkin for a one of a kind experience. The restaurant oozes a 19th century Russian aristocratic feel. The city’s elite feel right at home when walking through CafĂ© Pushkin’s doors. Not only will diners find beautifully prepared food by world-class chefs, but they will sip the best vodkas from the restaurant’s nearly endless selection of fine alcohols.

CDL is smart and sophisticated with its brilliantly decorated interiors and fine oak furnishings. Located in a 19th century Russian mansion, CDL features authentic Russian food on its menu, and brings the country’s cuisine to life. The restaurant also has a cigar room that can be rented out by guests. CDL has become famous for hosting dinners with presidents from around the world. Guests may sit in the same chair that former United States Preside Ronald Reagan sat in during one of his trips to the Russian capital.

Moscow is booming and visitors will find plenty of luxury to satisfy their appetites. The city is filled with great options for staying or dining, and the real challenge will be selected just where to go on a night out in Moscow.



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