Oliver Trevena. CEO of Ollywood Media, Actor, Investor and Serial Entrepreneur

Oliver Trevena

The media tends to describe the world of business in terms of numbers but, as Oliver Trevena’s career demonstrates, it is a realm that is both art and science and it is that creative element that gives rise to inspiring tales of success.

Such is Trevena’s story, an inspiring story of success built upon a natural penchant for creative talent and a quantitative mind prepared to seize the next big opportunity. And Trevena would know a little something about journeys and opportunities. Hailing from England, Trevena’s early life as a creative helped shape his approach today. After a life-changing event spurred reflection on where he was going, he decided then was the perfect chance to create and enjoy a new path, a different direction for his life that he enjoys now. While many of us may face such a moment, few are as harrowing – and insightful – as Trevena’s. 

As the CEO of Ollywood Media, Trevena invests in dynamic companies such as Next Health, Dogpound and Caliwater while also producing documentaries and feature films as well as commercials for brands like Allsaints, John Varvatos, William Henry and Caliwater. Not only are those major names within their respective niche, but also on a global scale. Working with such huge brands certainly provides more than a few challenges and learning opportunities, but Oliver reminds us that the hardest part of his job hits a little closer to home.

Cherishing his close family relationships, Trevena reminds us of the importance of building things with meaningful impact in both our careers and professional lives. This also involves personal care and attention as well. Emphasizing the need for self reflection and care, Trevena describes a day in his fast-paced life and outlines a routine that has helped him remain centered even throughout it all. 

Oliver, you are an exciting entrepreneur with many irons in the fire including Caliwater, Vital Red Light, CLMBR, DogPound, Next Health, and MOBOT to name a few. Can you start by telling us about being an entrepreneur and what led you to business?

My parents built their own business in the small town of Hastings, England where I am from so I learnt from them during that journey.

However, since I was 4 years old I was always in the entertainment industry and creative so business wasn’t such a big part of my life but creating something and building a story always was. I guess I have taken that same method into building & launching companies. Creating the story, telling the story and building the team and people the same way you cast the team and people when creating a show or a play.

You are the CEO of Ollywood Media. Tell us about Ollywood Media and its offerings.

Ollywood media is my investment and media company.

Ollywood media has been part of many global brands growth from clothing brands like Allsaints to health and wellness brands like Next Health, Dogpound & Caliwater. At this stage Ollywood media has invested in over 20 companies in Fashion, Beauty & Health & wellness.

On the production side it has produced documentaries and feature films around the world & created and produced commercials for major brands like Allsaints, John Varvatos, William Henry and Caliwater.


Image courtesy of Caliwater

You are originally from England but make your home in Los Angeles now. You have a pretty crazy story about why you left England for America. Can you tell us about your decision to move to the United States and what led to you leaving England?

It happened about 20. I was 18 years old & I was doing a lot of theatre at the time. I was about to leave on a cruise ship for a theatre show and some friends had taken me out as a “send off” a few days before the tour started. The night was over and I was walking back home and I was jumped by 3 guys and pretty much pronounced dead on the scene. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I was in a coma, and I spent the next nine to 12 months of my life in surgery.

It made me more driven to experience something different. I did get some compensation – around $20,000 & as a struggling performer that was definitely a lot for me. A friend of mine was in the States, and invited me over – I bought a plane ticket and I went to visit and loved it. I remember checking into the Hyatt Hotel on Sunset, right in the heart of Sunset Boulevard. I checked in for a few nights, negotiated a rate and stayed there. Back then there weren’t a lot of British people there so I got noticed and started to build my life in LA.

What were some of your early challenges living in a new country, as you tried to start your career as an entrepreneur?

Well I only got into business the last 6 years – up till then its all been focused on acting and performing. The hardest part has and always will be being away from my family.

You have an interesting list of businesses and ventures you are a part of. Could you tell us about a few of them?

Yes. They are all creative & innovative companies and all making their mark in their fields. Some include Caliwater which is an innovative, hydrating cactus water and Vital Red Light, which is red light therapy.

Oliver Trevena Vital Red Light

Image courtesy of Vital Red Light

Vital Red Light

Image courtesy of Vital Red Light

Two of your businesses, DogPound and Caliwater are very interesting. Please tell us more about these brands and the customers you are targeting.

Caliwater is my baby & co-founded it with my best friend Vanessa Hudgens so I’m extremely passionate about it – its a cactus water beverage. Extremely healthy, natural and tastes INCREDIBLE! Like coconut water but with half the sugar / calories and more health benefits!! We also have so many of our friends on the journey with us as investors like Gerard Butler, Brooke Burke, Frank Grillo, Ashley Benson & Glen Powell and Athletes like Cole Tucker, Cody Bellinger, Matt Barkley and Aaron Rodgers.

Oliver Trevena-Caliwater

Shot by Randall Slavin

What inspires you as a business entrepreneur?

I love building things and being a part of brands that can positively impact people’s lives. I also love getting the chance to invest in people and their visions and dreams.

How do you prevent burnout with so many projects at one time?

I’m still to trying to figure this part out!!!

But truly Next Health in the US and HUM2N in the UK save me with the health optimization treatments and bio hacking services!

You have lived in Los Angeles for over 16 years now. Was the transition from England to Los Angeles easy or was it a difficult one to make?

It was tough. Like I said – missing the family is always a daily part of my life but I do try and get home as much as possible.

With so much going on at one time, how do you find time to unwind and get the work-life balance right?

I try to make sure I get enough time alone. I take time for self care. One of my investments is a place called ARTHA and it’s perfect for self care – float tanks, massage, yoga, cryo and more!! So I will get there as much as possible.

I also love meditation, reading and breathwork.

Oliver, how is a day in your life?

I start every morning with a morning spiritual reading, breathwork and then prayer. Then it’s coffee, workout and a non stop day ahead!!

On the work side every day is different as sometimes I’m filming a movie on location and sometimes I’m back in LA and that will be full of meetings of all kinds.

What is something most people don’t know about you?

I did ballet for 12 years & played semi professional soccer!

Choose two of your favorite quotes and write them here

“Life makes sense in reverse”

“Its always ok in the end, if it’s not ok, it’s not the end”.

If you had the power to change just one thing in the world, what would it be?

For us to love and forgive ourselves and each other.

To learn more about Oliver Trevena and Ollywood Media please visit https://www.ollywoodmedia.com 

*Main image. Credit: Randall Slavin



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