Remarkable Hotel Design Inspiration from Fusion Interiors Group (FIG)

Leading the hospitality industry in design, Fusion Interiors Group (FIG) comprises a global team of over 35 designers in nine cities worldwide. The collection of highly talented designers, each one at the top of their game, makes up this Global Studio which is recognised for creating unique narratives across a diverse range of projects, including luxury hotels and resorts and the wellness, food and beverage, residential and leisure sectors. The company was established 12 years ago by Founder and CEO Hilary Lancaster, who believes in cultivating a culture of collaboration and diversity, with the studios working together to bring fresh influences and inspirational ideas into every project.

The name Fusions Interiors Group originally described the fusion of cultures and ideas and the melting pot of nationalities within the company. At the beginning of 2020, it rebranded with the fig tree logo as a metaphor for its story. Fusion Interior Group (FIG) prides itself on its versatility, bridging the worlds of luxury and lifestyle. The incredible range of skills and experience available within the company makes it easy for them to tackle a range of disciplines. The highly qualified professional team pride itself on working closely with some of the most high-profile clients in the world to produce a design specifically and totally to their brief.

FIG believes strongly in adding life and meaning with a human story that bonds the guest to a brand and a memorable experience. This is clearly illustrated in Club Med Miches Playa Esmerelda, which the judges at Luxury Lifestyle Awards have singled out as the winner of a prestigious award in the category of Best Luxury Hotel Design in the Dominican Republic 2022. The company was responsible for designing every area of the resort around four integrated villages. The goal was to respect the natural environment and incorporate elements of it into the interiors. This influence can be seen throughout the resort.

Resort Overview

The resort is divided into four main villages, each with its own theme, creating four unique worlds within one resort. Two of the villages – Archipelago and Emerald Jungle are for adults only, while the other two, Caribbean Paradise and Explorer Cove, are for families. Archipelago is a sophisticated oceanfront sanctuary inspired by the sea where the blue and white accents create the feeling of being on an island. Emerald Jungle is inspired by the surrounding jungle, Caribbean Paradise by the bright colours of the Caribbean and Explorer Cove is inspired by the theme of exploration and adventure. The Village Centre is where all the action happens with shops, bar and theatre on ground level and the buffet and other restaurants up a dramatic curved staircase.


Each of the resort’s restaurants has its own unique identity. Emerald Paradise restaurant celebrates the colours and plants of the local jungle with monkey lights dotted around to represent the vast local monkey population. The Underwater Mansion is a couples restaurant with a feeling of diving underwater. With its high ceilings painted white and sweeping views of the main beach and swimming pools, the banquettes are designed as curved waves to tie in with the underwater theme.  The buffet is inspired by Caribbean fruit, with the pineapple and coconut inspiring the shape of the food stations.


A selection of individually designed bars is perfect for relaxation time. A tranquil hideaway away from the beach and centre of the village, Bar Limon is a swim-up bar in the jungle zone. The shape of the bar curves around the pool, and the roof structure is made from materials grown on the island and thatched using traditional techniques. Influenced by the dynamic Caribbean carnival, Coco Plum Beach House is intentionally decorated in a striking clash of colours and patterns, representing the variety of costumes in the parade.

Cinq Mondes Spa

The spa’s zen, minimalist feel was inspired by nature and the hundreds of species of butterflies that make the island home. It’s an oasis of calm with mottled copper-effect feature walls, rich chocolate brown ceilings and dark chocolate tiled floors offset by pale turquoise walls.

At Club Med Miches Playa Esmeralda, the team at Fusion Interiors Group has worked hard to create a combination of natural luxury and Caribbean vibrancy in a stunning, untouched location. The project is the largest five-trident Club Med in the world and one of the most ambitious and luxurious projects the company has ever taken on. It is proud of the result – a unique concept that makes for a stunning and inspirational holiday destination.

Find out more about Fusion Interiors Group and its diverse and collaborative approach to design by visiting its website.

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