San Francisco. Luxury by the bay

San Francisco is home to just over 860,000 people which makes it the fourth largest city in California. However, if you take into account the nine-county bay area that San Francisco is the epicenter of, you will find a population of around seven million people.

Once a city that attracted hippies, hipsters and individuals practicing free love, San Francisco now lures wealthy startup owners and investors. According to Forbes, the Northern California city is home to an estimated 150,000 millionaires.

Due to San Francisco’s wealth and the large number of companies just down the road in Silicon Valley, the city is on the rise once more as a place to live and visit.

For anyone traveling to San Francisco and in search of a classic California hotel, then they need to look no further than the Palace. The Palace Hotel is one of the city’s most historic and its luxurious confines are set right in the heart of downtown San Francisco. The original hotel was opened in 1875 and its architecture and stylings reflect the era it was constructed in. The hotel excels with its afternoon tea and delicately made cocktails. Travelers can enjoy these in the Garden Court during their stay.

Situated on the top of Nob Hill, the Fairmont is one of San Francisco’s most extravagant hotels. The Fairmont has been seen in numerous Hollywood films and it has attracted celebrities from around the globe during its 100-plus years in existence. The hotel’s Tonga Room & Hurricane Bar is one of the most famous venues to enjoy a drink in San Francisco. The bar’s Mai Tai is a can’t miss drink to sample while visiting.

San Francisco has a rich food history as people from all over the world have descended on the city and helped to develop its cuisine identity. Chef Corey Lee has crafted a unique menu at Benu, which has garnered the restaurant critical acclaim and three Michelin stars. Combining Korean and Chinese food into an unbelievable taste. The Benu website states diners should plan for a three-hour meal, so come hungry and be ready for the experience Lee offers.

Saison is opulent and one of San Francisco’s most expensive restaurants. Chef and owner Joshua Skenes changes the menu everyday as his team prepares a 15 to 20 course tasting menu for diners. At around $400 per meal, Saison pushes the limits of what diners believe a meal should be. Despite the price and the number of courses in one meal, Saison is quite down-to-Earth. Watching the Skenes and his team prepare the meals is almost as enjoyable as eating their works of art.

San Francisco is a cornucopia of things to do. Visitors can enjoy the city’s outdoor offerings or head inside to find a full day, or evening, of activities. Being that the city is so close to Napa Valley, travelers can enjoy wine country and sample some of the world’s best reds and whites. The Napa Valley Wine Train is a great way to spend a day and it gives travelers the chance to see the countryside while sipping wine an eating a gourmet meal.

San Francisco is known for its theaters and visitors to the city can take in a Broadway musical or play during a night out. The Orpheum Theatre regular hosts plays touring the world. “Broadway Season” sees some of the biggest names in theater arrive in San Francisco.

If you are going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair; and don’t miss out on some of the most luxurious hotel, restaurants and attractions Frisco has to offer.



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