Schwegman Named in Top 25 Firms for Minority Attorneys

Schwegman Attorneys in San Jose, CA Office

Schwegman Lundberg & Woessner an international intellectual property law firm that offers a full range of procurement and advanced portfolio management services. is pleased to have been recognized as being among the top 25 law firms within its size category in the U.S. for minority attorneys, as reported by Law360 on July 7, 2019.

“Both minority and gender diversity and inclusion are the focus of concerted efforts at Schwegman,” said Theresa Stadheim, Schwegman Principal and Diversity and Inclusion Steering Group member. “Schwegman has been very generous in providing support for diversity and inclusion events and has been visionary in its efforts, both nationally and locally, to get minorities and women interested in STEM careers at all levels.”

Steven Lundberg, Managing Principal, commented: “We have been very active in efforts for fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion. Diversity can be particularly challenging in our demographic, since our intellectual property boutique firm is focused toward patent prosecution and our clients are somewhat skewed toward electrical and software technologies. While we have gained from a more diverse demographic in our San Jose office, and via our satellite attorney program that allows attorneys to work remotely from their preferred geographic locations, we continue to place great emphasis on diversity and inclusion at all locations and levels of our firm.”

Suneel Arora, Schwegman Principal and Hiring Committee member, elaborated further: “Diversity is an ongoing effort that is discussed at every firm Board meeting and considered throughout our recruiting process, but I believe that it is our inclusive firm culture and excellent track record of retaining attorneys that will make our efforts successful and sustainable. I can personally attest to the opportunities for growth and success that are available to all and that are actively fostered at Schwegman. Moreover, our flat organization and the respect and autonomy accorded to all attorneys (and staff) makes it easier for minority attorneys to succeed.”

“At Schwegman, attorneys have the ability to choose which technologies and clients are the best fit for their skills and interests, which is paramount to success, satisfaction, and longevity in our profession,” added Andre Marais, Schwegman Board and Diversity and Inclusion Steering Group member. “We don’t try to micromanage to achieve over-granular diversity objectives. Instead, we try to focus on recruiting, mentoring, and promoting with a focus on supporting individual team members, which we view as our best path to success for our entire team.”

Further extensive information about ongoing diversity and inclusion efforts at Schwegman can be found here.

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