“Self Love Day”. Meet Danni Benson

Danni Benson raised by the value of her immigrant Haitian parents always had the entrepreneurial spirit within her. Her parents bought their land and build their own home from scratch to obtain the American Dream and so did she. Danni sought out earlier in life to be an owner and her own boss. She purchased her land in her 20’s and built her home from scratch right afterwards and little did she know that would be the start of her Entrepreneurial journey. But first Danni Benson graduated New York University in three years with a Journalism/ Communications degree. Because of her internships at CBS News and Fox News she landed her first career job at Channel 7 WABC- Eyewitness News in New York. Then Danni had the fortunate opportunity became a Publicist for Ralph Lauren where she interacted with celebrities, magazine editors, and the media daily that helped build her strong relationships in the entertainment industry. Danni Benson than spread her wings into the unknown where she worked at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals and won a prestigious 7 top performing sales awards. With strong sales, communications, and strong relationships under her belt Danni Benson decided it was time to be her own boss and own something that would be part of her legacy forever.

Danni Benson with Kylie and Kendall Jenner

Danni Benson with Kylie and Kendall Jenner

Danni Benson is the Co-founder, Co-owner and Investor in a brand for over 10 years that also includes Champagne, Spirits and Water in its line of products. Her Entrepreneurial spirit has led Danni Benson to evolve even more to connect to things that she is extremely passionate about since becoming a mother of twin girls. Having twin girls birth the ideas of I’m Proud of You Sis and Self Love Day. She is now working with state officials, congress, and lobbyist to work on conquering Mental Health issues in our country, especially in our children and young adults. With social media and post covid pandemic our children are suffering even more with depression, and she wants her Self Love Day Initiative to help uplift a great deal of our children out of depression.

Danni Benson with Kim Kardashian

Danni Benson with Kim Kardashian

Danni Benson is dedicated advocate for women empowerment and catalyst for positive change. With deep-rooted passion for gender equality and mental health.  Danni has emerged as a powerful voice in the movement across the country. As the Founder and CEO of I’m Proud of You Sis, Danni has created a platform and podcast dedicated to uplifting and supporting women through encouraging messages and empowering resources. Her unwavering belief in the strength and the potential of women has fueled her mission to dismantle barriers and cultivate a society where every woman can thrive.  Through her work Danni aims to ignite a sense of self worth, confidence, and resilience reminding women that they possess limitless possibilities. On her podcast Danni embraces women strengths, the courage to follow their dreams, and celebrate these amazing women by giving them their flowers while they are alive.  Danni has dedicated her life to empowering women, serving as a role model to her community.  I’m Proud of You Sis Podcast also focuses on sharing and promoting empowering stories of women all around the world, as well as discussing issues of gender equality, mental health, and what can be done through legislation and conversation in our political arena.

Danni Benson states “I’m Proud of You Sis” podcast holds significant importance within our community for several compelling reasons:

1. Empowerment and Inspiration: The podcast serves as a powerful platform to uplift and inspire individuals, particularly women, by highlighting stories of achievement, resilience, and personal growth. It aims to foster a sense of empowerment and motivate listeners to overcome challenges, pursue their dreams, and embrace their unique strengths.

2. Representation and Diversity: The podcast celebrates diversity and promotes inclusivity by featuring a wide range of voices and experiences. By showcasing diverse stories and perspectives, it provides a platform for underrepresented individuals within our community to share their journeys and be heard. This inclusivity contributes to a more comprehensive understanding of various lived experiences, fostering empathy and unity.

3. Community Building: “I’m Proud of You Sis” podcast plays a crucial role in building a supportive and connected community. By sharing personal stories of triumph, vulnerability, and growth, it encourages listeners to connect, engage, and build meaningful relationships. It creates a safe space where individuals can find solace, inspiration, and a sense of belonging.

4. Mentorship and Guidance: The podcast offers valuable insights, practical advice, and life lessons through interviews and discussions. It provides a platform for successful individuals to share their knowledge, experiences, and strategies for personal and professional growth. This mentorship aspect equips listeners with valuable tools and resources to navigate their own journeys effectively.

5. Breaking Barriers and Challenging Stereotypes: “I’m Proud of You Sis” podcast challenges societal stereotypes and breaks barriers by showcasing women who have defied expectations and achieved success in various fields. By sharing these stories, it promotes a more inclusive and equitable society, encouraging listeners to challenge preconceived notions and embrace their own potential.

Overall, the “I’m Proud of You Sis” podcast serves as a source of empowerment, representation, mentorship, and community building. It plays a vital role in inspiring individuals, fostering inclusivity, and promoting personal growth within our community.

Danni Benson

Danni also developed legislatively the concept of a mental health awareness day, Self-Love Day, which acknowledges that you must love yourself before you can love another human.  Self-Love Day is a movement focused on promoting self-care, self acceptance, and positive mental health practices. Through Danni’s work, she strives to create a positive impact and inspire others to cultivate a strong sense of self-love.

Mental Illness is one of the leading causes of disabilities in the United States affecting one out of every four families and impacting both persons with the illness and those who care for and love the persons afflicted. Thanks to Danni’s outreach efforts and discussions with lawmakers, the New York State Legislature and the governor proclaimed the first Self-Love Day in the state on Feb. 13, 2020 thanks to Danni Benson.

Danni Benson with NYC Mayor Eric Adams

Danni Benson with NYC Mayor Eric Adams

Danni states Self Love Day has achieved significant milestones in promoting self-care, self-acceptance, and personal empowerment. Since its inception, this special occasion has made a positive impact on individuals’ lives by encouraging them to prioritize their well-being and embrace their uniqueness. Some notable achievements of Self Love Day include:

1. Increased Awareness: Self Love Day has successfully raised awareness about the importance of self-love and self-acceptance. It has sparked conversations and discussions on self-care and mental well-being, both online and offline.

2. Empowering Mindsets: Self Love Day has played a vital role in empowering individuals to develop a positive mindset and a healthy relationship with themselves. It has helped people recognize their worth and appreciate their own qualities and accomplishments.

3. Encouraging Self-Care Practices: Self Love Day has inspired individuals to prioritize self-care and engage in activities that promote their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It has encouraged people to make self-care a regular part of their lives.

4. Fostering Community: Self Love Day has created a sense of community and support among individuals striving for self-improvement. It has brought people together to share their experiences, challenges, and triumphs, creating a network of mutual encouragement and inspiration.

5. Empowering Youth: Self Love Day has made a significant impact on young individuals, helping them navigate the challenges of a social media-driven world and promoting self-acceptance. By encouraging children and teenagers to embrace their authenticity, Self Love Day has empowered the younger generation to become leaders rather than followers.

6. Influence on Media and Advertising: Self Love Day has contributed to a positive shift in media and advertising, promoting more diverse representations of beauty and success. It has encouraged brands and influencers to prioritize authenticity and inclusivity in their messaging, positively influencing societal standards.

7. Global Participation: Self Love Day has gained recognition and participation on a global scale. People from different countries and cultures have embraced the concept of self-love and celebrated the day, contributing to a worldwide movement of self-acceptance and personal growth.

These achievements demonstrate the significant impact Self Love Day has had in promoting self-care, self-acceptance, and personal empowerment. By encouraging individuals to prioritize their well-being, embrace their uniqueness, and foster positive relationships with themselves, Self Love Day continues to inspire positive change and personal transformation.

Danni Benson is a highly regarded leader, mentor, and passionate mental health advocate dedicated to guiding individuals towards their full potential. With her exceptional leadership skills and extensive experience, Danni has become a trusted source of guidance for aspiring professionals and emerging leaders. Through her mentorship, she imparts valuable knowledge, provides support, and empowers others to develop their own leadership capabilities. Danni’s commitment to fostering growth and cultivating leadership skills has positively impacted countless individuals, inspiring them to reach new heights of success.

In addition to her leadership and mentorship roles, Danni is the founder of “I’m Proud of You Sis,” a transformative platform that celebrates the accomplishments and growth of women. This empowering community provides a safe space for women to share their achievements, receive encouragement, and build meaningful connections. Through uplifting messages, inspiring content, and engaging events, the platform fosters a sense of sisterhood and empowerment. Danni’s vision for “I’m Proud of You Sis” is to create a space where women can celebrate each other, promote self-love, and collectively thrive.

Danni Benson with Wyclef Jean

Danni Benson with Wyclef Jean

Furthermore, Danni is the driving force behind “Self Love Day,” a movement focused on promoting self-care, self-acceptance, and positive mental health practices. Through “Self Love Day,” she emphasizes the importance of nurturing oneself, practicing self-compassion, and prioritizing mental well-being. Danni’s advocacy work in this realm involves organizing events, sharing resources, and spreading awareness about the transformative power of self-love.

Danni’s unwavering commitment extends to mental health advocacy as well. She is a relentless force in destigmatizing mental health and promoting overall well-being. Her advocacy work encompasses raising awareness, providing support, and fostering a compassionate environment for individuals facing mental health challenges. Danni’s contagious enthusiasm and genuine belief in people’s potential inspire others to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

Danni Benson with Cardi B

Danni Benson with Cardi B

Through her exceptional leadership, mentorship, empowering platforms, including “I’m Proud of You Sis” and “Self Love Day,” and dedication to mental health advocacy, Danni Benson continues to make a significant impact on the lives of countless individuals. Her work fuels personal and professional growth, empowers women, fosters a community that celebrates accomplishments, while championing self-love and well-being, and encourages individuals to prioritize their mental health.”

Danni Benson loves children and her remission is for each child to their highest.

Danni’s passion lies in ensuring that children attain their highest level of self-esteem.  She believes in the power of a positive self-image and the role it plays in shaping the trajectory of a child’s life. From her perspective, the importance of self-esteem cannot be overemphasized, as it forms the bedrock for a child’s success in life, be it in academics, relationships, or their future careers. The greater a child’s self-esteem, the higher their potential for success.

There’s a beautiful, inherent potential in every child, a latent ability waiting to be discovered and nurtured.  Danni’s passion is to help children recognize this potential within themselves. It’s not simply about achieving high grades or winning awards but about believing in their worth, their abilities, and their uniqueness. She strongly believe that with a high level of self-esteem, a child can confidently tackle any obstacle and reach any height.

By fostering an environment where children can express their feelings, ideas, and aspirations without fear of judgment or ridicule, we empower them. Every praise, every word of encouragement, every recognition of effort, contributes to their reservoir of self-esteem. The process is not always straightforward or easy, but witnessing the transformation and growth in these young individuals makes it a fulfilling endeavor.

Self-esteem is the cornerstone of a child’s life, influencing their resilience, motivation, and decision-making abilities. Higher self-esteem equips children to handle both successes and failures with a balanced perspective. It allows them to take calculated risks, confront challenges, and turn failures into opportunities for learning. It propels them to strive for their dreams and goals, and in the process, they become successful, not just in the traditional sense, but as well-rounded individuals who can contribute positively to society.

Dani Benson commented: “One of my purposes is to help children achieve high self-esteem stems from my belief in its far-reaching impact on their success in life. It’s about fostering a sense of worth, cultivating resilience, and encouraging them to reach for the stars. Because every child deserves to understand their worth and potential, and to believe that they can make a difference in the world. 

Helping children achieve their highest self-esteem is a multifaceted task that I approach with a combination of strategies:

1. Positive Reinforcement: I ensure to acknowledge their efforts and not just their achievements. I offer praise for their hard work, patience, and resilience. This helps them see their own worth, even when they do not succeed, and encourages them to keep trying.

2. Promoting Independence: I give children opportunities to make choices and decisions on their own, allowing them to learn from their mistakes and successes. This nurtures their confidence in their abilities and fosters a sense of responsibility and accomplishment.

3. Creating Safe Spaces: I establish environments where children can express their feelings and ideas freely. By validating their emotions and encouraging open communication, they learn to trust their thoughts and feelings, which bolsters their self-esteem.

4. Encouraging Healthy Self-Expression: I foster creativity and individuality by encouraging children to express themselves in various ways, such as art, music, or sports. Recognizing and appreciating their unique skills and talents helps build a positive self-image.

5. Modeling Positive Self-Esteem: As an adult, I strive to model a healthy self-esteem and self-respect. Children often emulate the behaviors they observe. By treating myself kindly and speaking positively about my own abilities, I help to show them how they should treat themselves.

6. Fostering Peer Respect: I promote a culture of respect and inclusivity among peers. It’s essential for children to feel valued and accepted by their peers. By teaching them to treat others kindly and respectfully, they learn to expect the same in return.

7. Goal Setting and Problem Solving: I help children set achievable goals and work through challenges independently. This develops their problem-solving skills and shows them that they’re capable of achieving what they set their minds to.”

Thru Danni’s experiences in going into schools and speaking to the youth; children achieve their highest self-esteem. Is a holistic process involving the cultivation of positive experiences, independent thinking, expressive outlets, and peer respect, all while modeling healthy self-esteem behavior.

Danni Benson wants everyone to know to be proud of all of their accomplishments no matter how small they are and to love every piece of yourself no matter the judgments of what society puts on you.

You can follow Danni Benson on her Youtube Channel, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook page I’m Proud of You Sis. Danni Benson also has a weekly Podcast called I’m Proud of You Sis live every Wednesday at 6PM on her Youtube Channel I’m Proud of You Sis and contact email is improudofyousis@gmail.com.





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