Softicated: Redefining Luxury with Avant-Garde Furniture, Lighting, and Rugs

Softicated, the avant-garde brand of contemporary furniture, lighting, and rugs, has emerged triumphant by earning a Luxury Lifestyle Awards for Best Luxury Furniture and Homeware in Switzerland 2024. This accolade marks a significant milestone for Softicated, reinforcing its loyalty to crafting exquisite pieces that redefine the very essence of home.

“A home is not just a title deed but a concentration of intimacy and personality!” – These profound words by Cyril Rumpler, the visionary creator behind Softicated furniture and lighting, encapsulate the brand’s ethos. Rumpler, a self-taught luminary, transitioned from a successful career in promoting pharmaceutical packaging to pursue his dreams of creating projects that resonate with joy and happiness.. His passion manifested into Softicated, a brand that goes beyond aesthetics to evoke emotions and enhance the comfort of living spaces.

Softicated, a name derived from the fusion of “Sophistication” and “Softness,” represents the brand’s dedication to combining elegance with comfort. Each piece is meticulously designed in Switzerland and crafted with care by local artisans across Europe, ensuring top-notch quality and attention to detail.

Softicated’s mission is to provide premium “art de vivre” furniture, lighting, and rugs that transcend utility to become timeless expressions of elegance. The brand caters to individuals, architects, interior designers, and decorators, contributing to the well-being and comfort of both classic and modern interiors. The company’s values include creativity, taking care, quality, and integrity, which all align to leave a positive impact on their clients.

Softicated envisions itself as the brand of choice for individuals and the preferred partner for architects, interior designers, and decorators in the success of their interior design projects.

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About Luxury Lifestyle Awards

Luxury Lifestyle Awards is a global award selecting, recognizing, celebrating and promoting the best luxury goods and services all over the world. The goal of the company is to connect people with the best of luxury. LLA has evaluated more than 10 000 various goods and services in 400 categories from 60 countries and analyzed the results to give you a TOP list of the best of the best in the world. Such world-renowned brands as Chanel, Dom Perignon, and Ferrari were proudly named winners. The victory brings companies status and recognition, global promotion and exposure to an entirely new market of customers.

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