Steven Orfali. The Man Who Changed Private Aviation

Steven Orfali

Steven Orfali had a vision that has changed the private jet charter industry. Orfali’s vision was to give clients the most personalized service available; something surprisingly uncommon. What clients have received, is a complete ‘white glove service’, and a personal touch never before seen in private aviation. It has been a concept that has made JetSet Group a leader in the industry, and idea that many are trying to emulate.

Orfali knew what clients wanted, and needed from a private jet charter business. In 2012, he founded JetSet Group and since then, the company has gone from strength to strength. His vision has made the company a booming success with Fortune 500 companies, athletes and celebrities. But it isn’t just JetSet Group’s amazing attention to detail that has made it so successful. Orfali and his experienced team are always striving to improve the company. This has led them to create programs and incentives unlike anyone else in the private jet charter sector.

With an 80% growth in membership and a new app on the way to make booking jets even easier, Orfali explained what makes the JetSet Group different to Total Prestige Magazine. But it isn’t just the JetSet Group that Orfali has his fingerprints on. The businessman has created the Wholesale Jet Club as well. The new venture has become a major success.

Totalprestige Magazine caught up with Orfali to find out all about the JetSet Group and Wholesale Jet Club; and what sets them apart from the competition.

Steven, as the President of JetSet Group, Inc., please start off by telling me about the company.

JetSet Group was started six years ago. Over the past half-decade plus, we have become one of the premier private jet charter companies in the United States. We provide jet charter services worldwide. We have the most cost effective jet card membership programs in the industry and have a price match guarantee for our on demand charter service. Our client base consists of Fortune 500 companies, athletes, celebrities and many more.

How does the company’s service set it apart from other jet and aviation companies?

JetSet is a full service charter with white glove service from the beginning of your trip until the end. We believe in having a relationship with our clientele, instead of calling into an 800 number and getting an operator- having to explain your preferences, you’re assigned your own personal flight concierge who will assist in everything from aircraft sourcing to catering, ground transportation and even hotel bookings. They will flight follow with your assistant and make sure everything coordinates should your meeting end early or go late. They will also have your child’s favorite ice cream on board, as well as your favorite champagne and even your pet’s favorite treat.

As far as aircraft we only use the highest safety rated with the most experienced flight crews. We have a broad menu of aircraft starting from helicopters to turboprops, VLJs, light jets, mids, supper-mids, heavies and even VIP Airliners. We put our clients on some of the newest and most luxurious jets in the air, such as the G650.

How did you get started with the JetSet Group and what led you down this career path?

I was in the aviation industry for six years prior to starting JetSet. I knew I could build a greater company and provide more value to my clientele than they were currently getting at the previous company. Flying privately is a lifestyle and the jet user needs to be pampered and have their changing needs met on a whim. I have always had a knack for client relationships and sales, and was always interested in private aviation; so the marriage of the two made a lot of sense to me. I believe when you find your passion, you will find success.

JetSet Group’s Diamond Jet Card is an exclusive membership offered by the company. It provides frequent flyers with a set of perks offered by no other aviation business. With no blackout dates, and new benefits added every month, the Diamond Card has revolutionized private jet travel. Who are some of the people to use JetSet Group’s exclusive Diamond Jet Card? Just some of the biggest names from the NFL and NBA. Former NBA star Tim Hardaway, D’Angelo Russell, Charles Tillman, Myles Jack and many more current and past stars use the private aviation brand. But it isn’t just professional athletes that take advantage of JetSet Group’s membership. Celebrities and CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies take advantage of JetSet Group’s Diamond Jet Card to fly to their destinations easily.

In July 2017, your company released the new Diamond Jet Card. What can clients of the JetSet Group expect from being members?

The Diamond Card is our highest level of membership. You are guaranteed our lowest rates, there are no surcharges associated with your card, no fuel, no landing fees, no taxi time or overnight charges. Pay only point to point flight time. We offer something unheard of in the industry, no blackout dates and no holiday surcharges, pay the same pricing all year round. There are no membership fees and your hours never expire. In addition there is no cost to keep them from year to year. Members receive $100 of free catering per flight, guaranteed availability in the US in 5 hours or less, discounts on hotels, ground transportation and event tickets. Access to JetSet gifts and Events, with more benefits added each month. It really is our flagship product.

In 2016, it was reported that JetSet Group had increased its membership by 80%. What can you put this increase down to?

I think there is a natural progression in business and when you do right by your clients, word of mouth is a great source of growth. In addition, we were able to grow our sales staff by 10% and that helps with customer acquisition as well.

Doing right by his clients, is exactly what Orfali has done. The JetSet Group president pays close attention to details, and strives to get everything right for his growing list of customers. It is the same service Orfali would expect as a customer from a private aviation company. That is why he works on every aspect of JetSet Group. The only area he doesn’t work in is the cockpit.

As the president of a major company, what pushes you to be successful?

I’ve always been a driven person, who is extremely analytical and result oriented. Much of my family has had past success in the retail industry, but I’ve always wanted to make my own way and leave my own mark; maybe it’s in the blood.

What is that makes JetSet Group unique, especially compared to any likeminded competition?

We have unique programs; we try to be innovators within the industry. For example, while fuel prices were rising a few years back, we had a way to lock in the rate. We are always thinking of ways to better our client experience and do what’s in their best interest. We like to think of ourselves as the best kept secret in the industry. We don’t do a lot of marketing and you won’t see us on billboards or sponsoring the Super Bowl. We keep our expenses to a minimum and work very lean, which allows us to give the best pricing to our clients. After all, who do you think pays for those billboards?

Orfali stays grounded as a businessman. He credits his work ethic to his father. As a role model, his father taught him valuable lessons on hard work. Today, those lessons are paying off as Orfali strives to create the best company possible. He works on all aspects of JetSet Group. No matter what the tasks, he believes putting his fingerprints on all areas is important to succeed.

Where do you get inspiration from? Are there other successful businessmen you try to emulate?

I always aspire to do “better”, well is never enough. My goal is to provide a better life for myself and my family. Our company goals are very high as well, we hope to one day be a publicly traded company. My father always served as a role model in my life and I learned hard work, passion and persistence from him. I don’t necessarily try to emulate any one person, however, I realize and respect that there are many smarter, more successful people in the world and I strive to learn from them and put my own personal touches on what they teach me. I strive to be the best version of myself.

What is a day in your life like as President of JetSet Group?

I’m up early checking emails, then we typically hold a sales meeting and then the day gets started. Our company has reps nationwide servicing clientele and sourcing new business. I’m very hands on, I personally deal with clients, vendors, finance and marketing. I like to have my fingerprint in every aspect of the business.

What is the most challenging part of your job?

Most executives focus on the overall growth and performance of the company, and don’t deal with the day to day. That’s not me. I handle client phone calls, inquiries and do all the “dirty” work on a daily basis. It’s the most challenging, but also the most rewarding experience. I like to speak to clients and prospective clients, and have a hand in all aspects of the business.

Orfali doesn’t rest on his laurels as a businessman. He and his team are always working on new ideas to make JetSet Group even better. In 2018, JetSet Group hope to continue their growth by providing the same fantastic ‘white glove service’ it has been known for. From a new app to adding a new office branch, Orfali is taking JetSet Group to new heights.

What areas of expansion, promotions or other areas do JetSet Group have on the horizon?

We have several goals over the short term as well as the long term. In the shorter term, we would like to launch our app in 2018, and make our booking tool easier for our members. We don’t want to disconnect from our white glove service, we just want to make it easier for clients on the go. We also have aspirations of opening up a few more offices, possibly one on the west coast in 2018. We are currently hiring for our sales division and would like to handle more aircraft sales next year as well, so we will really be a one-stop shop for all aviation needs.

It isn’t just the future of JetSet Group that has Orfali excited. The company’s president launched a new company in 2016 called Wholesale Jet Club. It has been another major success for the aviation expert. Wholesale Jet Club is changing the industry of private aviation, and it has saved customers thousands of dollars. Orfali wanted customers to go to one broker, not a number of private aviation experts who were all charging large fees for the same aircrafts. By eliminating the exorbitant fees made by brokers, Orfali can save customers money when they travel. Customers flying with Wholesale Jet Club can expect to save between 20% and 50% on their flights. Thanks to the money Orfali is saving customers and businesses, he has seen his new brand grow exponentially. Based on a business model similar to major store chain Costco, travelers can get the best prices in private aviation.

What would you classify as your greatest business achievement?

I would say founding JetSet Group has been my greatest to date. JetSet being a national presence in the private aviation sector is extremely gratifying to me. However, as I’ve said I’m not one to be complacent, so I am always looking to expand and grow. I have recently started another private jet company with a wholesale business model that launched in 2016. Wholesale Jet Club has been an overnight success and is booming as well. The best is yet to come!

Orfali’s insistence on transparency is what makes Whole Set Jet Club completely unique in the aviation marketplace. The idea of giving customers more than they expect excites Orfali, and it has helped drive up the interest in his business.

Finally, what are your personal goals away from the company? Is there anything you are interested in pursuing?

Family is most important to me, most of my time away from my company is spent with them. When I have some free time, I’d like to travel more and see Europe. I’d also like to be more involved in philanthropy, when all is said and done, giving back is important. If there is time, the World Series of Poker is on the bucket list as well.

Steven Orfali set out to change the private aviation industry. In a few short years, he has taken a model that prevailed for decades, cut it up and produced something far better for customers. Orfali hopes to push the boundaries of what companies expect. So far, it has worked well for the businessman. Of course, having a seat at the World Series of Poker is one of Orfali’s dreams. Until then, he will continue his work making private aviation affordable in a world that continues to see business expenses skyrocket.

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By Drew Farmer

Twitter @DrewmFarmer

Images credit: Nathaniel Welch



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