Talking With Kara Stewart-Mullens. CEO and Co-founder of Neurobiologix, Inc.

Kara Stewart-Mullens

Kara Stewart-Mullens co-founded Neurobiologix in 2009. It gave her the chance to unite with her older brother, Dr. Kendal Stewart, MD, to develop a niche nutritional brand that was desperately needed in the marketplace.

Since 2009, Neurobiologix’s supplements have become the go-to product for doctors and patients around the United States. The company has developed products for individuals suffering from nutritional weaknesses and poor health. Originally creating supplements for patients with autism, Neurobiologix has branched out to provide products for an assortment of needs for all ages.

Stewart-Mullens has worked hard alongside her brother to grow the business. The job offers her something new every day, but the best part of it is helping those who need it most and making a positive change in someone’s life.

Kara, you have an intense interest and education in psychology, and it led you to advertising and sales. How did psychology lead you into the advertising and sales industry?

The core of my studies was in advertising. As I began to take more psychology courses, I realized I could use the knowledge to my advantage. Advertising requires you to think like a consumer and look at things; not as a business person, but as a mom, a friend, a co-worker, or a kid. If you can understand the way the mind works and how
people think, you will be much more successful at sales, advertising, and marketing.
I have found over the years that people say I am in sales or I am in marketing, but at the end of the day, those go hand in hand and you have to know both to be successful in either. The human mind is fascinating, and I love to put myself in other people’s shoes and really watch what makes them smile, light up, or connect. Neurobiologix works with many colors, images of all ages, and caters to everyone, but you have to know when to focus a campaign on a specific niche, or you will fail trying to get everyone to pay attention. Sometimes focusing on a smaller group can bring tremendous results.

You work alongside your brother Dr. Kendal Stewart at Neurobiologix and GX Sciences. How did the two of you devise the plan to start the business?

There was never really a plan. I had my work world, and he had his. Being 10 years apart, I never really knew much about what my brother did other than he was a brain surgeon, which I thought was very cool.
We saw each other during the holidays, and he would always tease me that one day when he could afford me, that I would come work for him. Well, after spending years in the beverage and consumer products world, I said yes to his offer one Thanksgiving. I needed a change and felt that I was not “changing the world” with what I was doing. I interviewed with his new CEO for his medical software company, Sensory View, and next thing you know, I am packing up and moving to Austin where my family lived. I was hired as the VP of Marketing where I marketed his clinics and the software and equipment he designed for patients with autism and neurological injuries. A couple of years into that company, he asked me to find him some “good” nutritional supplements for his clinics, then I began my search. I picked up a few products he needed, and together we came up with the name Neurobiologix. In 2009, the brand was born. I built my first website, and we were off and running.

Neurobiologix is providing the highest quality supplements to patients. Rather than patients purchasing multiple bottles of supplements, Neurobiologix offers a one-stop shop for individuals.

Can you tell us about the work Neurobiologix does and the products it produces?

Neurobiologix has always been more of a personalized approach to nutritional supplements, meaning that we sold and designed formulas for issues my brother, Dr. Stewart, encountered with his patients.
Being that he is a well-known physician for the treatment of autism spectrum disorders, we had to make sure our products were very clean, made in the U.S. and were affordable and easy to take. We used to call ourselves an autism supplement company, but over the years, we became much more than that. My brother is an ultimate chemist, so the formulas he designs for Neurobiologix work. He uses ingredients in a special way, so we can obtain amazing nutrient delivery and compress many nutritional ingredients into one bottle. The patient has better results. Our compression model for our supplements gives the patient the ability to afford their nutritional regimen and understand that they don’t have to take 10 bottles of vitamins a day. We can achieve great results with one formula at an affordable price where, with many of our competitors, the patient would have to buy three to four bottles for the same nutrients to achieve the same results.

Neurobiologix works in Pharmaceutical grade and genetic designed supplements. Can you explain exactly what this is and how it works?

For years, our supplements have been designed by the biochemistry of the body and with my brother’s expertise by seeing his patients and how they respond to nutritional protocols. Now, with the help of nutrigenomic testing offered through our other company, GX Sciences, they offer genetic testing that can tell you if you will deliver certain nutrients well or not.

We can really pinpoint what type of vitamins they may need to overcome a genetic weakness. It’s amazing to find out your genetics and then know what supplements you need, or more importantly, what you may not need. You can save yourself and family a lot of money if you know what the right nutrition is and improve outcomes with your health.

How can the results of Nutrigenomic testing and nutrition improve a patient’s life and wellbeing?

It is amazing to see how much it can change a person or family’s life. Being that we do cater a lot to the autism community, to hear stories of parents that have children who have never spoken by age 10 or are not living the life they should, breaks my heart. But then comes that story of a child that made huge milestones with their health, who is now a different and better person, and is able to do the things other children their age do.

I am a huge believer myself. I suffered in my teens and 20s from insomnia, anxiety, and migraines. You name it. I had issues with it, and if I didn’t end up doing what I do today, I really don’t think I would be here. I was able to help myself nutritionally with my brother’s guidance, but now with genetic testing, the world of healthcare and
nutrition has been the biggest blessing ever. My own 10-year-old son would be suffering like I did as a child, but, he is doing great now that we know his genetic makeup and can provide him with the nutrition to overcome those genetic weaknesses before these types of health or mental issues arise.

The healthcare and nutrition world is filled with supplements. The number of products on the market, prices, and effects can be overwhelming. Stewart-Mullens and Neurobiologix attempt to cut through the clutter to give people better information and education about their products.

What benefits can healthcare providers and patients receive from Neurobiologix?

I think I said it earlier, but finding good and clean nutritional products that really work is hard. There are so many to choose from, and it’s not getting easier. I just hope that we can provide patients and providers the education they need to choose wisely, choose what works for them, and make it affordable.

Kara, you have over 25 years of experience in the sales and marketing fields. How did you get your start in the industry?

I feel fortunate to have had the vast experience and jobs over my lifetime, which I think has made me understand people. From starting out at 16 as the youngest tanning salon manager due to my high sales to bartending my way through college while working in the afternoons at a liquor import company, I have done it all. My main “real job” training came when I worked for Red Bull North America.

The excitement and knowledge I learned over eight years was nothing you would learn in school. It was the best training ground for what I do today, and I say that all the time. I sold to distributors, bars, nightclubs, and big box stores.

You name it. I called on it and pushed my way through their doors. Now, today with Neurobiologix, creating products, making sure they come to market and bringing on staff that can share in my vision makes it a great work day every day.

Through Stewart-Mullens’ experiences in the marketing world, she has seen things change greatly. Technology and eCommerce have been driving forces in the industry, and it has made adapting to new trends a regular job requirement.

How has sales and marketing changed during your career?

Now, that’s a big answer. Let’s just say technology and eCommerce have changed the way we sell and market. My Dad loved gadgets and technology, so I guess I got that from him. I love anything that makes things easier for my staff and myself and I love ecommerce business. It changes all the time, and I guess you would say I like a challenge. Bringing products to people in the comfort of their own home, I think it is amazing. I know it may hurt the store
model, but now we are in the virtual store kind of world. I want to make my customer’s store experience a great one.

As a co-founder of Neurobiologix, what has been the highlight of your career with the company?

So many highlights, but the latest one is our 10-year anniversary. I am so proud of our team, making it this long in a very competitive market. My true highlight or highlights are hearing these stories from our customers where our products have changed their lives. I call them “cry moments” because when you hear them, they will bring tears to your eyes. I just had one the other day when I heard a mom tell a story about her child speaking for the first
Stewart-Mullens doesn’t just work on the company’s marketing side as she co-hosts “Coffee with Dr. Stewart” as well. The radio show gives Stewart-Mullens and her brother the chance to connect with those who purchase and take Neurobiologix’s products.

Can you tell me about “Coffee with Dr. Stewart,” the radio show you co-host with your brother?

So, I have worked with my brother now for over 12 years, and he definitely knows a lot. I always say, “you got the brains” and he would say “you got the beauty.” There is so much information that he has that needs to be shared, and I started nagging him for a book first, but with limited time and the knowledge he gained in medicine, it was changing quickly.

Then genetics came along, and protocols changed again. I went to him one day and said we should do a podcast called “Cocktails With Dr. Stewart.” He looked at me funny and then told me if it was “Coffee With Dr. Stewart,”then he would do it. He loves his coffee.

That next month, we booked a radio station and started season 1, and now we are about to launch season 6 with over 38 shows to date and over 500,000 downloads. Our podcasts are about everyday medical issues a person can encounter and how they may overcome them.

It’s not medical advice you can use to treat yourself, but it’s a show to help others become educated on these topics and seek out the right medical provider to assist in their journey. Our listeners are loyal and incredible, and I am blessed to have that time with my older brother when we record.

Kara, what is a day in your life like?

Busy. We have a 10-year-old and three companies to run. I am trying to be very careful and balance my work life and personal life, but it can be challenging. I just have to turn my brain off when I get home and focus on my family. I don’t want to miss anything that my son does. He’s a superstar in my eyes.

What is something most people don’t know about you?

That I am a former singer. I’ve been in five bands in my lifetime and still love to sing. Now, if I have the time, I will do voiceover commercials, but over the last couple of years, there has been no time for that. Maybe one day, when I retire, you will hear me on a commercial.

What makes you smile?

My son, husband, and our dog Bear.

What scares you?

Spiders and failing at what I do.

Kara, do you have any hobbies?

Playing around with technology. I love that stuff. I’m the one installing Alexa and smart light bulbs in everyone’s room or office.

Which famous figure do you most admire?

Oprah. She is still alive and killing it.

Can you share two of your favorite quotes with us?

“Kill em with kindness” – My Dad, Landon Stewart, MD.

“Little by little, day by day, what is meant for you will find its way.”

If you had the power to change just one thing in the world, what would it be?

World hunger! We are too powerful of a world to have people hungry. It’s terrible.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Thanks for these questions. I truly enjoyed answering them. Sometimes you just need to slow down and think, and these questions let me do that.

Stewart-Mullens and Neurobiologix continue to provide patients and doctors with the best information possible on their specialty supplements. The company strives to be the best it can be for its customers.

With Stewart-Mullens’ expertise and knowledge in the marketing and sales fields, there is no wonder Neurobiologix is thriving and changing lives. The company has grown, thanks to Stewart-Mullens’ drive and work ethic, but perhaps someday she will finally take a step away from her busy work life to explore and revisit voiceover and radio work.




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