The global tide of protest is turning against Apartheid Israel!!

The world tide is turning against Apartheid Israel. In East London protesters made it clear that we are no longer prepared to remain silent whilst people are being massacred in occupied Palestine. Our protest was joined by people from all walks of life. The Pakistan South Africa Association joined in protest just as thousands of their countrymen filled the streets in every major city of Pakistan.

In the UK the Palestine Solidarity Committee (PSC) mobilised protests in support of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Campaign with one MP saying that there is no ceasefire in mobilising boycott, divestment and sanctions against Apartheid Israel.

In London 200 000 people from all communities and sectors of society joined in the Palestinian march in what was one of the largest protest marches the UK has seen.

In Europe the Palestinian flag was flying high with thousands of protesters on the streets of Paris, Berlin and Frankfurt. The message was loud and clear that there may be a ceasefire but the problem remains as long as the occupation remains.

On the streets of Australia the call for boycott and sanctions against Apartheid Israel reverberated. The call was echoed in Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide.

In the USA we continue to mobilise public opinion against government support for Israel’s killing machine, the expansion of illegal settlements and the atrocities committed against innocent women, men and children.

Thousands of protesters gathered in New York, Dallas, San Diego, Edmonton, Philadelphia, Toronto, Vancouver, Boston, Washington, Montreal, Portland, and Dearborn.

In South Africa, Pro-Palestine rallies were held in all major cities and we will continue to mobilise until Palestine is free. Our message is clear and we call on all people of the world to unite in global solidarity just as they supported our struggle against the Apartheid regime we must continue to rally all freedom loving people of the world. We will not rest until Palestine is free.




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