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In the highly demanding competitiveness and the forever-changing world of luxury interior design, one can never underestimate the dire importance of staying on top of your game to keep one’s competitors at bay. In Dubai, one of the world’s most culturally diverse competitive design cities and home to some of the most famous and leading design forms, there is no room for error. With all this being said, IAIA – Idea Art Interior Architects has asserted itself as one of the highly renowned firms, offering its clients a wealth of knowledge and professional expertise.

With its meticulous approach to every last detail within a project, IAIA – Idea Art Interior Architects proves exactly why it has been selected as a well-deserved winner of the prestigious Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of Best Luxury Interior Design Studio in Dubai 2023.

Salah Jizi founded IAIA – Idea Art Interior Architects in 1994 and has managed the firm ever since that time. Together with his life partner, May Kabbani, he has successfully completed over two hundred and fifty projects across nine countries. The portfolio of IAIA – Idea Art Interior Architects includes a vast variety of projects from small-scale to major public works schemes involving the likes of royal families, international investors, hotel franchises, as well as private clients.

As the current managing director of the company today, Ramzi Jizi is continuing the heritage of the firm, with his wife Darine Jabeili at his side who serves as IAIA – Idea Art Interior Architects head of design. They have worked together to help IAIA – Idea Art Interior Architects undertake growth and change and in turn have elevated the company to the top of Dubai’s design scene by developing iconic projects that are popular throughout Western Africa and the broader MENA region.

With two locations in Dubai and Sharjah, IAIA – Idea Art Interior Architects the boutique interior design company, boasts a wealth of 28 years of experience. The company’s strategy is built on the basis that every project begins as an idea and develops into a tangible reality through a careful analysis of the requirements, difficulties, and constraints associated with it. The IAIA – Idea Art Interior Architects team has consistently upheld excellent design standards over the years while working on a variety of projects with intriguing and unique tales to tell.

IAIA – Idea Art Interior Architects showcases a group of incredibly talented and creative designers who collaborate with clients from all over the world to design their residences, villas, resorts, eateries, and more. In order to facilitate engaging design discussions at their studio, Ramzi and Darine always make sure IAIA – Idea Art Interior Architects have the ability to extend or retract in accordance with the quantity, size, and scale of their projects. In fact, without sliding into the corporate black hole of a big production, their team of designers works concurrently on various construction sites while undertaking large-scale projects.

Each member of the IAIA – Idea Art Interior Architects team has the knowledge and experience required to conceptualize and develop a project from first sketches to final execution, going through all necessary stages and interactions with other stakeholders along the way. The architects at IAIA – Idea Art Interior Architects have created a design approach that enables them to operate independently of traditional production methods giving them the freedom to design as they see fit.

To meet their client’s needs, the IAIA – Idea Art Interior Architects team has always been interested in fusing the aspects of craftsmanship, space planning, details, finishing, furniture, and distinctive fit-outs. The IAIA – Idea Art Interior Architects designers have grown interested in creating design narratives that speak to everyone who visits their places intending to enhance the quality of life for all of their visitors.

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