The Narcissistic Traits and Personality


Are you in a demanding relationship with your partner who demands your admiration and attention every time or your partner does not consider your feelings and needs? Anyone, who consider they are better than other individuals and should be treated that way?

Let us see how narcissistic traits affect personality.


The term narcissism is an individual who appears full of themselves. This word is termed in the meaning of celebrity-driven and self-obsession culture. While in psychology, narcissism does not consider the self-love, especially no a sincere type. It is right that the individuals having narcissistic personality disorder love a grandiose and idealize image of themselves. Also, they like their own inflated self-image as it permits them to keep the thoughts of insecurity away.

The narcissistic personality disorder includes an array of arrogant behavior and self-directed thinking, no consideration or empathy for another individual, and they need a lot of admiration from others. Some people state narcissistic individuals as demanding, patronizing, selfish, manipulative and cocky. This way of behaving and thinking is present in every area of the life of narcissist leading from relationships to family and friendships to work.

The people with narcissistic traits are not affected to change their behavior, even when it is creating them issues. For the individuals in the life of narcissist, it is easy to get along with the needs to get away the rages and coldness.


These are the narcissistic traits associated with an individual having narcissistic personality disorder:

Grandiose Sense of Self-Importance

Grandiosity is a particular characteristic of narcissism. It is an unreal sense of superiority in addition to vanity and arrogance. These people consider that they are quite special or unique and they can only be understood by other unique individuals. They need to link with other high-status things, places, and people.

Lives in a World of Fantasy

The narcissists live in a world of fantasy world made by themselves through magical thinking, self-deception, and distortion. They make their fantasies of limitless attractiveness, brilliance, power, success, and love that make them feel unique and in control. These imaginations keep them protected from the feelings of shame and inner emptiness.

Needs a lot of Admiration and Praise

The sense of superiority for a narcissist is similar to a balloon that discharges air slowly without having an instant stream of recognition and applause to make it inflated. These people require food to feed their ego so that they want to keep themselves surrounded by people who agree to supply to their cravings for affirmations.

Sense of Entitlement

They consider themselves different from others, they need promising treatment. They consider that whatever they need, they should go for it. The narcissists want that everyone should agree with their wish and do whatever they say. You are useless for them if you dot fulfill their needs.

It is essential to detach from the opinions of the narcissist and do not try to appease or please them every time. All you need is to be normal while knowing who you are even the narcissist individual is looking at the situation in a different way.




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