The untold story of the private aviation industry

Founder and CEO of global private jet provider Exquisite Air Charter, Rena Davenport, explains why the luxury component of private aviation is just the tip of the iceberg.

A common belief in the aviation industry is that private jet travel is reserved only for the wealthy. Well, that’s the exception – the executive aviation market is much more than that, constantly connecting remote locations without commercial operations and playing a crucial role during humanitarian flights. Its flexibility, not luxury, is what allows customers to find a tailored solution to their needs.

Official data from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) states that more than 5,000 airports can serve private aviation in the states, in contrast to just over 500 for commercial aviation. Moreover, up to 80% of all private operations go to smaller towns and communities, with 40% of missions involving multiple destinations. Private aviation, therefore, provides a game-changing scenario for thousands of isolated cities in the world.

Furthermore, this opportunity to connect isolated areas not only serves local communities but also regionally focused companies that rely on private aviation to transport products and services where commercial flight lacks operations. The No Plane, No Gain campaign exemplifies this. It’s an initiative involving the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) and the General Aviation Manufacturers Association, launched in 2009 to educate the public on the importance and reach of private aviation.

Humanitarian role of charters

The pandemic demonstrated the true value of private aviation. With commercial aviation essentially removed from the skies, passengers had almost no options to return home, especially during the early stages of the global pandemic, where hundreds of families remained stranded in foreign countries and looking for answers. The industry enabled many repatriation flights for entire families seeking a safe and swift return to their countries of origin.

Yet private aviation’s role goes beyond repatriation operations. With cargo routes impacted due to commercial aviation’s inactivity, humanitarian missions transporting goods and supplies to affected regions have demonstrated the real value of the market, evidencing that luxury and business flights are just the tip of the iceberg.

In fact, humanitarian missions are part of the yearly variety of services that global private jet charter companies like Exquisite Air Charter provide. Pandemics aside, there are other crises, like earthquakes, forest fires, and hurricanes, that will require the transportation of supplies to isolated regions – usually, locations that demand special operational conditions for an aircraft, like shorter or even damaged airstrips. The large universe of available private aircraft adapts to any conditions, making private flight a true workhorse in times of need.

Which is the right aircraft?

The possibility to choose the aircraft, whether piston, turboprop, or jet, is one of the most popular facets of private aviation. There’s an ideal airplane for each route and flight, and the job of any reliable private charter provider is to advise each customer accordingly. For example, turboprops are unique airplanes thanks to their ability to land in short runways of grass or gravel.

The same is the case for short flights of less than two hours, or to transport products for a small or medium company, allowing financial efficiency through low operating costs – especially if relying on private aviation to support overall business goals. Large, mid-sized, and commercial-sized aircraft provide more cargo space for humanitarian missions and their cruise speed becomes evident in longer routes.

In conclusion, the private aviation industry is much more than luxury, and celebrities uploading videos to TikTok by using cabin Wi-Fi. Nothing wrong with that, yet to think that’s the backbone of this diverse market is lacking overall knowledge on private aviation. In essence, the pillar of this industry lies behind the scenes – a safe and trustworthy service with the mission to support special needs and serve isolated communities in a safe, agile, and cost-efficient approach.

About Exquisite Air Charter

Exquisite Air Charter is a global boutique operation headquartered in Los Angeles that builds long-term relationships and provides very personalized service to every customer. Exquisite Air Charter’s aviation knowledge and expertise facilitates relationships with executives at the most highly regarded operators in the world and those relationships assist us in providing top-notch service to our clients.




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