The Very Best of Canada

If you are looking for a travel adventure to a country that offers diverse locations and destinations, then Canada is an ideal place to spend your holiday. From major cities that are melting pots to wide-open spaces, Canada has a lot to offer travelers.

The Great White North welcomed a record-breaking 21 million travelers to its cities and towns in 2018. That figure is bound to grow courtesy of cities such as Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver. However, they are not the only great places to spend time when considering a trip to Canada. The country has plenty of eclectic cities that deserve some of your time, so don’t miss the best of Canada.


Montreal is one of the most amazing cities in North America, not just Canada. The French-speaking city has a broad-range of architecture that make up the Old Town area. Montreal’s architecture has led many to label it as the most European-like city in North America. Montreal will make you feel like you are in Europe due to the number of languages spoken. Over 60% of the people living in Montreal speak French as a first language while just 20% speak English.

One of the items that sets Montreal apart from other Canadian cities is the number of festivals it has per year. Montreal hosts 100 multiday festival events. From film festivals to music fests, there is always a festival taking place in Montreal.

If festivals aren’t your thing, then perhaps Montreal’s food will tempt you. Montreal has five-star restaurants showcasing its French influence served up by local chefs. The city is also home to a food scene that has an informal side. Foodies will love the variety Montreal has to offer from five-star cafes to food trucks.


Toronto is often the first city people think about when they consider a vacation to Canada. Toronto has everything you could desire for a great holiday or city break. The Canadian city isn’t far from Niagara Falls allowing you to see the great landmark that sits on the border of the United States and Canada.

Toronto is a vibrant city with brilliant entertainment options for visitors. The city has a famous Distillery District filled with 19th century architecture. The district is one of Canada’s premier arts, culture, and entertainment areas. You can find fantastic restaurants, bars, and shopping in the Distillery District. If you are looking for luxury goods, the Distillery District is the ideal place to go.

If you fancy a bird’s eye view of Toronto, the CN Tower will give you the perfect vantage point to see the hustle and bustle below. Constructed in 1972, the CN Tower is one of the landmarks that everyone must visit when explore Toronto. The 360 Restaurant at the top of the CN Tower doesn’t just offer great views, but it serves up fine dining for a great night out on the town.


Situated on Canada’s western shores, Vancouver is very different than the rest of the country’s major cities. Vancouver has a lot in common with Portland and Seattle in the US. The Canadian city is less than a three-hour drive from Seattle making them natural rivals. It also makes it extremely easy to get to and from the two cities.

Vancouver boasts being one of Canada’s most culturally diverse locales. People from all over the globe have moved to Vancouver and many of the younger residents are first-generation Canadians. Vancouver often finds itself on shortlists as the ‘most beautiful city in the world’ thanks to its coastal shores, green forests, and rugged mountains.

As far as weather goes in Canada, Vancouver has a rather mild climate compared to other locations. If you enjoy sports activities, the weather and parks are perfect all year-round. If you fancy skiing or snowboarding during the winter months, Vancouver’s Grouse Mountain and Whistler Resort are ideal.


Quebec City is the only city in North America listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. While fellow French-speaking city Montreal is eclectic and has an incredible nightlife, Quebec City is more beautiful. Quebec City was founded in 1608 and the Old Town’s cobbled streets remain providing a romantic atmosphere as you walk around the district. Not only is Quebec City an extremely old travel destination but it is the only walled city north of Mexico.

Residents of the city are proud of their French heritage. It is a part of the city’s culture and gives it a very European feel. That European culture extends to Quebec City’s food scene. You will find five-star restaurants and top-class chefs delivering unique menus across the Quebec City.

If you pull yourself away from the restaurants and historical architecture of the Old Town, the area around Quebec City is great for outdoor activities. Jacques-Cartier National Park is situated 30-miles away from Quebec City and protects wildlife in the Quebec province. You can trek the rugged mountains and forest paths that snake their ways through the park.

Quebec City is a hidden gem in North America and is one of the most interesting cities you will find on your travels.


Winnipeg may not be the first city you think of when considering a trip to Canada. It is located in the center of Canada and is most famous for being the home of NHL ice hockey club the Winnipeg Jets. However, the city is far more than the hockey club that the residents love.

Winnipeg has long been a hub of culture, art, and nightlife. Museums are popular tourist destinations for travelers and residents alike. The Manitoba Museum, Canadian Museum for Human Rights, and Winnipeg Art Gallery are great windows into Winnipeg and Canada as a whole.

Five-star historical hotels such as the Fort Garry Hotel can be found in Winnipeg providing luxurious stays. Winnipeg also has a plethora of luxury restaurants including the Segovia and Enoteca giving you the chance to dine in style.



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