Three white masterpieces from Ulysse Nardin for forceful, rebel personalities

Ulysse Nardin

This year has been like no other in history, and this 2020 holiday season will most certainly go into the books as unique. To brighten spirits and illuminate these special moments, Ulysse Nardin is proud to suggest three stunning timepieces – all in winter white – to help you celebrate in an extraordinary fashion.

Inspired by ice, snow and steel gray sharks the Blast, the Lady Diver Great White and the Diver X Antarctica are individual masterpieces, made for those who are not afraid to break the mold and affirm their personal strengths. These exceptional watches evoke great glaciers, floating snowflakes and the apex predators of the sea. Sophisticated, sportive and elegant, these three watches are an avalanche of masterful watchmaking, each one an independent masterpiece. Considered in physics to be an achromatic color, white is a fierce force, as explosive as red and as affirmative as black. With an Ulysse Nardin timepiece on your wrist, you are already an exception to the rule.


Welcome to the exploration of the extremes, those fascinating territories just waiting to be discovered. The destinations at the ends of the Earth that captivate and incite the wildest dreams, the hostile environments that leave no margin for error. Ice and fire are contradictory yet complimentary and we have used these two elements to represent the fact that opposites attract. When they meet, they bring out the best in each other: the new Blast.

Color composition for this watch is a palette straight out of Antarctica: white ceramic, metallic grey, dark blue and beautiful transparency. Just like a frozen lake. Reminiscent of glaciers, this model features a smooth titanium bezel, dark blue inscriptions on the barrel mentioning “Silicium Technology” which beats inside of it. The dark blue “Ulysse Nardin” logo is featured prominently on the rectangular frame and the dark blue color on the sculpted indexes and hands, is completed by Superluminova. Its jewels are transparent just like snowflakes.

Powered by the recently fashioned UN-172 movement (an evolution of the UN-171 movement), the BLAST has a three-day power reserve as well as an automatic tourbillon and a new tiny yet powerful platinum micro-rotor visible only from the front of the watch at 12 o’clock.


Diamonds, drive and determination: this is what characterizes the Lady Diver Great White. This sexy, young and sportive diving watch designed exclusively for women, rejuvenating its Lady Diver collection twelve years after the launch of its first feminine diving watch. This refined diving watch symbolizes the new sensuous and bold feminine identity of Ulysse Nardin. Launched in a limited edition of only 300 pieces, the Lady Diver Great White is none other than the female counterpart to the men’s Diver Great White.

With a silhouette re-sculpted to 39mm, thinner and discreet, the Lady Diver is powered by the UN-816 silicium technology movement. With a case back bearing the stamp of a female apnea diver, the watch has a fully integrated rubber bracelet textured to represent ocean waves or mermaid’s scales. Its face is gray and sparkles with 11 diamonds hour-markers.


In an ode to the essence of exploration and all it entails, Ulysse Nardin has designed the Diver X ANTARCTICA. An avatar in the world of watchmaking, the Antarctica model of the Diver X is a watch that brings the “X-factor” to tackle the world’s roughest seas – in honor of the modern-day Ulysses who choose to risk exploring this daunting, dangerous place, literally located at the end of the Earth. With its light blue icebergs and frozen ocean, beacons of an age long past, Antarctica has no longitude coordinates, only a location of 90° latitude.

A matte white rubber strap recalls the clean and austere lines of the Earth’s Southernmost Continent with ice blue touches on the dial reflecting the icebergs floating in the sea there.  The Ulysse Nardin brand element is prominent under the sand-blasted dial. The bezel – in a white rubber – matches the watch strap. Its UN-118 movement guarantees accuracy in any hemisphere at any time of the day or night. The gray face is marked with a bold and elegant “X”. The crown, horns and case back are all made from titanium.



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