What’s your next challenge? Big Bang Unico TMT

The Big Bang Unico TMT luxury watches were unveiled recently in Las Vegas and released as a collaboration between Hublot, the exceptional luxury watch company, and the undefeated world champion, Floyd “Money” Mayweather. If you are a boxing enthusiast, you would be familiar with the acronym, TMT by now as it stands for “The Money Team” and has served as a representation of the brand of Floyd Mayweather in the last two decades.

Floyd Mayweather made history at the T-Mobile Arena against Conor McGregor on 26th of August 2017 in a classic bout that was tagged “The Money Fight,” and the match made the record of the undefeated boxer to remain at 50-0. On the said date of the bout with Conor McGregor, Mayweather came to the ring wearing black shorts that has the imprint of gold with TBE and HUBLOT written on it. The black shorts were designed by the innovative Sophie Whittam who confirmed that the boxing shorts were created with gold finishes and the python belt was laced with Swarovski crystals. These luxury shorts would later be the center of the fantastic design of the Big Bang Unico TMT.

The Big Bang Unico TMT acquired its simplistic style from the winning outfit of the undefeated champion as the wristwatch has a strap in black calf leather laced with python and gold studs. Both designs of the limited version of the watches have the touch of gold that the boxer is renowned for. It has 3N-gold-incrusted carbon fiber from the case to the bezel. The Big Bang Unico TMT watch has gold powder placed into its carbon fiber layers before it was being compacted.

One of the amazing features of this watch is that it exhibits the three bold letters, TMT in applique when it is 12 o’ clock. On the back of its sapphire case, the personal note of the undefeated boxer is boldly written, and it reads, TBE which denotes The Best Ever.

The initial release is available in a limited edition of hundred wristwatches; the Big Bang Unico TMT has ten numbered editions creatively designed in 3N Gold. The three alphabets, TMT bubble under the light of the 48 baguette-cut diamonds and 378 incredibly-cut diamonds and also weigh 4.85.

Buyers of the limited editions will receive a boxing glove autographed by Floyd “Money” Mayweather.





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