Why California Is Still One of The Best States To Visit

A Complete Guide to Experiencing the Best of California

There are many reasons to visit California because there is something for everyone to experience and enjoy. With picture-perfect stretches of beaches, historic national parks, and rich celebrity culture, this west coast paradise is a must-visit location for any traveler.

With so many activities and locations worth seeing, you may feel overwhelmed when planning your ideal holiday. But once you experience the freedom and beauty of skateboarding along the beachfront on your favorite skateboard decks or witness the beautiful rare plants of Joshua Tree National Park, you will be ready to book your next trip before leaving.

Iconic Landmarks

A popular tourist activity, visiting local and iconic landmarks is a must-do experience on any holiday. Los Angeles is home to many well-known landmarks, including the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Hollywood Sign, and the famous Sunset Strip in Beverly Hills, a favorite for many A-list celebrities.

A drive to San Fransico will allow you to take in the imposing and impressive sight of the Golden Gate Bridge, which spans a whopping 1.7 miles.

Foodie Heaven

When many people think about California, they picture the beautiful beaches, sunny weather, and celebrity culture. But alongside this, the Golden State has a rich food scene, with innovative and unique restaurants that offer incredible dining experiences.

Furthermore, it has a popular food truck fare, ensuring something delicious for any craving you may have during your stay.

Wine Country

Napa Valley, located in Northern California, is known as one of the world’s most famous wine regions, home to hundreds of spectacular hillside vineyards. With over 400 wineries located in the area, you won’t be short of opportunities to experience some of the best wine you will ever drink.

Whether you hope to partake in delicious wine tastings or simply want to take in the stunning landscape views, California is the ideal destination to escape and enjoy the good life, sipping on a glass or two of your favorite blend.

Rich in Culture

The State’s art scene perfectly represents the trials and tribulations surrounding the climbing costs of the Goldern state. You can visit any one of the official galleries or art museums or turn your attention to the extensive array of live art shows, street art, and collaborations that bring inspiring new works of art to life.

For history lovers, you will always enjoy learning about the extensive history of California. Officially named a state of North America in 1848, it has a rich background that spans centuries, including the famous Gold Rush, the development of Hollywood, and the historical United Nations signing in San Francisco.

National Parks

California is home to over nine National Parks, more than any other state in the US. From Joshua Tree and Yosemite to Death Valley National Park, each offers a unique and captivating experience with picturesque views you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

Whether you choose to visit for a day of hiking or want to get the whole experience through an extended camping trip, each National Park will leave a lasting impression well after your trip has ended. As each park has individual rules and restrictions, be sure to plan your trip in advance to avoid disappointment.

Haunted Fun

You either believe, or you don’t. But the reality is California is filled with dozens of reported haunted locations, including houses, trails, corn mazes, prisons, and the iconic Queen Mary ship. Many of these locations offer guided tours filled with interesting and spooky experiences and information.

If your time is limited, stick to the most popular sites, which include Alcatraz Island, The Queen Mary, the Winchester Mystery House, and Rancho Los Amigos Hospital.

Theme Parks

You may not know that California has more theme and amusement parks than any other state. If you hope to experience the thrills of a roller coaster, be captivated by live theatre, or cool off in a splash pool, there is a wonderfully designed theme park waiting for you.

You may already be familiar with the big names, including Disneyland, Legoland, and Universal Studios Hollywood. Still, if large and imposing crowds are not your cup of tea, you can head to Adventure City in Anaheim or Castle Park in Riverside.

The Weather

California is a year-round destination, making it the perfect place to explore regardless of the season. While the weather does change from month-to-month, much of the state is classified as a Mediterranean climate, with warm and sunny summer months and cooler, wet winters.

Although summer is the most popular season to visit, September to November sees a dip in temperatures, offering the ideal weather for hiking and short camping trips. For lovers of all things cold, winter travelers can suit up and ski the many stunning hills around the state, including the majestic Lake Tahoe.

The Beach Scene

Many consider Australia to have the best beaches in the world. But it will be foolish to underestimate what California has to offer. The west coast state is said to have over 1,000 miles of beautiful beaches, including Venice Beach in L.A, Glass Beach up north in Mendocino County, and the celeb-filled favorites of Malibu and Santa Barbara.




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