Why People Are Excited About the Future of AI and What it Will Do for Mailbox Deliveries

Arrive Smart mailbox

Arrive is on course to change the way mailboxes are used, and consumers will benefit

The concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI) gets tossed around a lot lately. We hear it constantly, with new ideas emerging in our lives. One area that AI is slated to transform completely is package delivery. The changes will be profound and welcomed, especially for those tired of having their items stolen by porch pirates. The days of stolen packages are numbered, as Arrive has a sophisticated platform that will bring it to an end.

“People are tired of having their packages stolen and not being able to trust getting sensitive items delivered to their home or office,” says Arrive CEO Dan O’Toole. “We are changing all that. Our new smart mailbox is something that people are already getting excited about. The possibilities make people hopeful.”

Some people fear anything AI because it’s new and unfamiliar. They need to realize that AI is already a part of their lives. Not only is it already here, but it will become more prolific. Most consumers currently use it in things like their smartphone’s facial recognition capabilities and their Alexa-style devices in the home.

Arrive has developed a new smart mailbox using a Mailbox-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform, bringing consumers more security and peace of mind from coast to coast when it debuts. The smart mailbox system will allow a drone to deliver to it, keeping the packages secure and guarded from the weather. Thieves will no longer be able to get to the packages, but it gets even better. The smart mailbox is also weatherproof, offers video analytics, can be personalized, offers security, and even has an emergency light.

AI mailboxes will provide the safety, security, and reliability that people and businesses crave. While billions of packages are delivered yearly in the country, millions are stolen from front porches. AI mailboxes will make it so that thieves can no longer steal packages. This provides security and reliability for consumers but also elevates delivery experiences for healthcare professionals.

Here are 10 ways that Arrive’s MaaS platform will leverage AI to make the mail delivery system better:

  • Decline in porch pirate thefts. Millions of packages are stolen each year, but MaaS will bring that abruptly to an end.
  • Cost savings for consumers and businesses alike. With packages no longer being stolen or compromised due to weather, coupled with the savings of not having trucks on the road, there will be a financial gain for all.
  • The expansion of sensitive materials will take place, because people will no longer have to worry about the items falling into the wrong hands. The MaaS platform allows only the rightful owner to access the contents.
  • Safety measures will improve, because the MaaS platform will be able to detect any hazardous materials that someone may attempt to deliver.
  • Retailers will be able to better track and analyze consumer data. The technology will improve insights from the fulfillment center to the consumer.
  • The advanced technology will bring with it environmental benefits, including reducing carbon emissions. Many delivery trucks will no longer be going through communities, which will save on fuel, emissions, and keep neighborhoods safer.
  • AI will make it where facial recognition is used to access the mailbox, which helps keep it secure. People will also be able to access updated tracking information, and be alerted if there is anything suspicious going on around the box. There will also be a hands-free, voice-activated capability.
  • AI will be able to handle automated pickups, which will help consumers and businesses avoid having to fit it into their busy schedule.
  • The smart mailboxes will be able to maintain an ideal temperature, so that items are not compromised. This will especially help those getting prescription medication deliveries.
  • Consumers will be able to integrate their smart mailbox with other smart devices in their home or business, including with locks and security devices.

“The future of AI is leveraging what we have created so that consumers and businesses have a better delivery experience,” O’Toole adds. “This will keep more delivery trucks out of neighborhoods and ensure more people get their packages and deliveries safely.”

Arrive is using patented technology for their smart mailboxes. The technology will allow packages to be delivered in a manner that is securely protected from porch pirates and the weather. Deliveries are put into the weatherproof box via drone; nobody besides the rightful owner can access it. Arrive’s smart mailboxes enhance public safety by aiding emergency services in locating homes that have placed 9-1-1 calls. These mailboxes illuminate and visually guide emergency vehicles, reducing response time and potentially saving lives. This feature has earned support from¬†first responders, recognizing its potential to streamline emergency responses. The smart mailboxes support traditional and autonomous delivery.

Arrive’s¬†smart Mailbox-as-a-Service¬†(Maas) platform helps businesses and residents send and receive packages securely and safely.¬†The company has announced several new partnerships across its MaaS (Mailbox as a¬†Service) ecosystem,¬†Hush Aerospace,¬†HEI Integrated Systems,¬†Joule Case, and¬†A2Z Drone Delivery.Arrive has been granted patents for their revolutionary drone docking station and delivery system, and they have filed three other patents. To learn more about their patents, visit the site at:¬†https://www.arrive.tech/patents

To see videos of Arrive in action, visit New Arrive Smart Mailbox with Robotic Delivery and Robodog Picks Up From Arrive. To learn more about Arrive, visit the site: https://www.arrive.tech/

About Arrive Technology Inc.¬†(“Arrive”)

Arrive’s patented Mailbox-as-a-Service (“MaaS”) platform makes the exchange of goods between people, robots, and drones frictionless through the use of artificial intelligence, leveraging climate-assisted cargo space, smart alerts, and advanced chain of custody controls to secure the last inch of the last-mile for all shippers, delivery services and autonomous delivery networks.¬†¬†On December 14, 2023 Arrive signed an agreement and plan of merger with Bruush Oral Care Inc. (“Bruush”), a British Columbia, Canada corporation (Nasdaq: BRSH); and Bruush Merger Sub Inc. (“Merger Sub”), a Delaware corporation and wholly owned subsidiary of Bruush. Upon the closing of the merger and pursuant to the terms and conditions of the merger agreement¬†and the Delaware General Corporation Law, Merger Sub will merge with and into Arrive, with Arrive continuing as the surviving company and as a wholly owned subsidiary of Bruush. Bruush is expected to be renamed “Arrive Technology Inc.” and have its common stock listed to trade on Nasdaq under the ticker symbol of “ARRV.”



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