Why You Should Invest In Cryptocurrency

Whenever you think about investing, the most important thing you have in mind is security. Investors want fair means of getting what they want in a world of increasing uncertainty. The future often looks like a dark room because of the number of possibilities that something good or bad could happen. Finance sees investment as the buying of assets with the hope that the value of such assets would appreciate at a future date. People buy and sell these assetsunder-regulated environment in the financial markets. They include stocks, bonds, and other securities. Economics proceed further to include skills in the range of acquisition that constitutes investment. In that sense, anything acquired to create an advantage of any kind can constitute investment. The most important of acquisition is capital goods mostly acquired to produce other goods. Assets may serve as a store of value. What happens here is that it can serve as a good source of liquidity at a future date.

Think about the current trend of the blockchain and cryptocurrency. Many areas of our lives are experiencing a new kind of innovation different from what we know before cryptocurrency is indeed changing our world. Let us look at some of these innovations. Horizon state is a technology running on the etherium blockchain. Elections and decision-making have been a process that has kept us from making reasonable progress from where we have reached. In fact, the way we make decisions is not different from the way the Greeks and the Romans did. Application of traditional technology, however effective have failed to make a complete break with the status quo. In 2016, the United States witnessed irregularities in her elections an event that was least expected of a country considered the most technologically advanced in the world. Horizon state mentioned earlier has come up with a technology that is set to revolutionize our decision-making system bring it from its ancient form to the present. Imagine how you would feel if it was possible to do a transaction across borders without the need for a third party and have these transactions completed as fast as you can imagine. Ripple is the cryptocurrency that introduced this innovation and rose to become the 3rdmost popular coin in a short time, with a percentage increase of more than 3,000% in the first half of 2017 alone. See chart below.

Cardano launched in the last quarter of 2017 as a cryptocurrency that provides a platform that offers the first provably secure proof of stake algorithm. This cryptocurrency was valued 0.00000900 bitcoin or 00.03 USD per $ADA. If you bought $100 worth of Cardano at the time, you would be enjoying more than 100% profit with the price of 1 $ADA of $0.437 at the time of writing this article. Many persons have made millions of dollars in seconds from buying and reselling cryptocurrencies.

If you ask what is the next big thing in tech, then the blockchain and cryptocurrencyare just what you are asking about. There have been cynics like Warren Buffet publicly saying that cryptocurrencies are doomed and would fail. That may sound discouraging enough but would surely fail to the innovation of the blockchain and cryptocurrency. One way to see the power of cryptocurrency is the independence of crypto from regulatory measures. Bitcoin is set to reach an all-time maximum of 20,000,000btc. This is not so with traditional money this alone can tell you that the cryptocurrencies possess inherent ability to sustain their value. Let us also look at two cases that could have signaled a burst in the cryptocurrency economy. In the last quarter of 2014, BBC reported a fall in the price of bitcoin to an11-month-low of $290 from $1,100 in December 2013. This would have indicated a burst bitcoin would not have recovered from. However, only in December 2017, the cryptocurrency increased to about $20,000 per bitcoin before going down to about $8,000 in January 2018. The graph shows how bitcoin continually gained value in December 2017.

Cryptocurrency could provide alow-cost and easily accessible way for people to put aside a portion of their earnings as pensions on a future date. If cryptocurrencies become widely accepted, there would be areduction in high transaction fees and money paid for currency conversion and interest on loans.Consider this. If there is a more efficient and less expensive way to go about many of the problems in finance and other areas today cryptocurrency would prove a solution. Every activity in the blockchain can run anonymously revealing nothing about participants. The risk of an attack is far from what we have in our traditional system today. Think of a private key that gives you access to thehuge sum of money on your public key no one ever has the chance of knowing who owns those amount of funds except they get your private key, which may not guaranty everything.

Investing in cryptocurrency is more than just promising. The future tips the balance in favor of these coins every second. If bitcoin really reaches a high of $500,000 by 2030 as speculated already. Anyone who invests would have the world at his feet and be a part of the new dotcom story of millionaires.

By Esther Keller




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