World’s Finest Caviar. The World of Caviar

World's Finest Caviar

You must have heard about it, seen it in magazines and television. But have you ever tasted it? Probably you have, or maybe you’ve not. Besides, it’s a luxury food. The caviar will surely make you fall for it on a first bite. Its exquisite flavor and texture will keep you ordering for more and more taste. That’s just how the hell of a delicacy the caviar is!

The advances in aquaculture, coupled with improvements in food science, extra value has been added to this salty and fishy delicacy. There are now differences in appearance, flavor, and texture of the caviars. Different brands have jumped in the bandwagon, leveraging on its varieties to create a taste that justifies every penny spent on buying this out of the world food. Welcome to the world of caviar!

What is Caviar?

Pure caviar is the roe of the sturgeon fish, which belongs to the Acipenseridae family. This delicacy is salty, and it’s taken as an appetizer. This unfertilized salt-cured food is sourced from different species of sturgeon such as Ossetra, Sevruga, and Beluga.

Caviar can be traced back to the Russian and Persian fishermen in the Caspian Sea. It is derived from the Persian word Khaviar, which translates to “bearing eggs.” This salted eggs of the sturgeon date back to the Triassic period of history. For some time in the past, caviar has been so expensive because it takes years for the animal to produce its first clutch of eggs. The king of all sturgeons, the Beluga, only starts to spawn after 18 years. However, recent developments in aquaculture have made this food product more readily available and quite accessible.

Types/Varieties of Caviar

The most common varieties of caviar include: Beluga. Sevruga. Osetra. Kaluga

Qualities of a Good Caviar

Generally, caviar is salty. The saltiness is inclined to its variety as every type of caviar has its unique flavor, color, and texture. The small eggs give a smooth and buttery taste with a nutty flavor. Its brininess and fishy flavor differ in variety.

Nutritional Benefits

Each serving of caviar contains the recommended adult daily intake of vitamin B12. It’s also high in cholesterol and gets 71 calories per 1-ounce serving. It is an excellent source of iron and omega-3 fatty acids. However, people with a low-salt diet should be careful about how they consume this unique delicacy.

Processing methods


Coined from a Russian word which translates to ‘light salting,’ this method inculcates salt, which works to enhance the flavor and to preserve the caviar, making it ever fresh. This produces high-quality caviar with less than 5% salt.


Salted with 8% salt, the ‘semi-preserved’ caviar has a longer shelf life than the malossol but of less quality.


This method utilizes higher salt concentration to work mostly on soft, immature, or damaged roes. The general idea is to get a texture that is great for cooking and spreading.


Pasteurization partially cooks the eggs and kills any microorganism. The shelf life is extended by this method.

The World’s Best Caviar Brands

There are so many brands of caviar, each coming from different countries aside from Russia with varying species of caviar. It could be an unnerving task to come up with the best. With proper scrutiny of each product’s contents and taste evaluation by our connoisseurs, here are top caviar brands you definitely need to try out.


If you love something rich with more intense flavor, the Paddlefish Caviar is your best bet. This Bemka produced caviar comes with more brininess than most options. It’s only weak line comes from its poor texture.


Rossini is one of the leading forces in the caviar market. Since its inception in 1999, the Scandinavia, Jacob Marsing-Rossini has grown to command strong presence, delivering one of the finest and tastiest caviar with the very rich, creamy, and nutty flavor that will make you fall for its caviar only on the first bite. The high-quality caviar, which has become so related to the Rossini caviar, has lead to it been sold in most of the world’s leading restaurants across America and Europe. It has also been repackaged by many.


The Italian farmed sturgeon is one fascinating caviar worth devouring. With the hybrid breeding of Beluga and Siberian fish, the end product is salted by the Caspian masters. The roe is pasteurized, extending its shelf life by 12 months. Its smooth and buttery taste is very desirable and gets you asking for more.


The black pearl Sasanian Osetra is one of the pure caviar. It is sourced from a premium quality sturgeon roe, farmed in the ice-cold clean spring waters in Poland. It’s a Black Pearl caviar malossol. It’s usually fresh-packaged and comes with a smooth and buttery flavor. Shipped periodically in a thermo-secure box, ice packs are included in the caviar’s box to ensure freshness, its aftertaste will be in your palate for long.


Yet again, another hackleback product but this time, from another influential caviar producer. This hackleback caviar is typically black with small pearly grains that have been salt-cured. It has a strong aftertaste, with a smooth and buttery flavor and an intense nutty taste to add to its beauty. This premium grade caviar has a refrigerated shelf life of four to six weeks.


The fresh harvested Tsaritsa Alaskan salmon red caviar is packed in an 8 oz tin and shipped on ice. It is sourced from wild Alaskan salmon, which is processed in Alaska by the traditional Russian methods. It’s high-grade caviar with a limited shelf life that only encourages refrigeration, and immediate consumption once opened.


Although the Marky’s Alaskan Salmon Roe is never to be considered as pure caviar, its rich salmon flavor and unique Malossol method make it a great choice of caviar. These big beads have low salt concentration, all thanks to the malossol method of its processing. It is also unpasteurized and a great source of Omega-3 fats. With a delicious salmon taste and firm texture, you definitely would love to have a bite of the Marky’s Alaskan Salmon Roe Caviar.

Sturgeon caviar is beautiful and luxurious food that should not end up only in tables for special events but should be consumed daily. With different brands and prices and species, there’s a whole world of caviar waiting to be explored by your palate. So why not start now!



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