Amazing Things to Do in Monaco and Unique Looks You Need

Monaco has a well-earned reputation for being one of the planet’s most glamorous and exciting destinations. There are some incredible things to do in this wealthy principality surrounded by the South of France, where the hotels are among the most expensive around and luxury is easy to find. What are the most suitable looks you can use for each of the best activities here?

Watch the Formula One Grand Prix

One of the great sporting events of the year, the history of the Monaco Grand Prix stretches back to 1929, when William Grover-Williams stormed to victory in his Bugatti. Regarded as one of the events making up the sought-after Triple Crown of Motorsport, this is just about as glamorous and thrilling a race as you can imagine. The cars roar through narrow streets on a twisting, hugely challenging track that was famously tamed by Graham Hill, who won five times in Monte Carlo, making it one of the most exciting travel experiences everyone should try.

Most of the time spent watching this race is done in the uncovered grandstands or walking from one roadside spot to another. This means that comfort is the key to an enjoyable day. A broad hat and sunglasses are sensible accessories for everyone, while a shirt or polo shirt is generally recommended for men and a dress or skirt for women. The comfort factor extends to the footwear used, but you shouldn’t take this as meaning that you should wear sneakers or flip-flops. Flat shoes or sandals are ideal for the ladies, while gents are expected to wear smart, closed shoes.

If you want to dine in the evening, you should dress more smartly. When you receive a formal invitation to an event it often will tell you the dress code to stick to, with a smart casual look fine in most other cases. Remember that you will usually be asked to remove your shoes if you attend a party on a yacht, as wearing outdoor footwear on this type of vessel can damage the flooring.

Enjoy a Day at Monte Carlo Casino

You may be surprised to discover that this world-famous casino doesn’t have a specific dress code in place. However, you need to wear something decent and respectable. This means no shorts, t-shirts, or flip-flops are allowed, among other things. If you prefer to wear jeans and sports shoes they need to be dark, but you will almost certainly feel more at home with the sort of smart clothing that suits the grandness of the setting.

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40-minute tours are offered daily, except when the F1 Grand Prix is taking place. For those visitors who want to play, the action begins at 2 pm and carries on until the last table closes. It is recommended that you wear a jacket after 8 pm. This is one of the places that has defined what we imagine casinos to look like and what casino players wear but there is no need to dress up with the classiest outfits worn in James Bond movies, although Monte Carlo Casino remains one of the most formal places to play gambling games. Other casinos, particularly in North America, have more relaxed dress codes.

The online casino option also means that players can place their stakes at home while wearing whatever suits them. The variety of online blackjack games now available covers the likes of European, Vegas Strip, and Atlantic City variants. Multihand options let players bet on more than one hand at a time, while other table games include roulette and baccarat, allowing us to try different ways of playing with unique rules while avoiding the need to meet differing dress code standards such as black tie events.

Visit Some Luxurious Clubs and Restaurants

Despite its compact size, Monaco packs in a large number of excellent restaurants and nightspots, with many VIP options. Twiga is perhaps the most famous of all these places. This is a restaurant with a club area and bar that caters for private and corporate events in a stylish setting. It is open every day except Monday, from 7 pm to 4 am, and serves Japanese and Italian dishes. Since it gets so busy, it is wise to make a reservation in advance. There is no dress code in place here, as the emphasis is on relaxing and simply enjoying the atmosphere. However, given the classy feel at Twiga you will certainly want to look and feel good.

Jimmy’z is another legendary place to enjoy some good times in Monaco. It is located next to the Mediterranean Sea and with a Japanese garden around it. This is an exclusive club where the world’s top DJs can be discovered. Jimmy’z has been open for more than four decades and has witnessed a barn-storming performance by stars like Bruno Mars, Calvin Harris, and Fatboy Slim in that time. The dress code is quite strict and most club-goers will want to look their best here. Expect to get turned away if you are wearing sandals, as the staff have a reputation for being extremely strict about who gets in.

La Rascasse is a relaxed bar where the fun-seekers get to listen to quality music in a spectacular setting. It attracts plenty of wealthy tourists, but is also often filled with local office workers and students, especially during their happy hour. Expect it to be packed out during the weekend of the Formula One Grand Prix. The dress code here isn’t as strict as in many of the principality’s other hotspots, with the crowd showing a mixture of styles that make it fairly eclectic. As always in Monte Carlo, it is worth considering whether you are planning on going somewhere more exclusive later on, as a way of deciding what to wear.

There is no doubt that Monte Carlo deserves a place on the list of the most outstanding and expensive travel destinations, joining the likes of the Virgin Islands and Fiji. If you love putting on fantastic clothes and enjoying unique experiences, you won’t forget the time you spend here.



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